4 Ways to Contact Classmates and the Reunion Committee

Note: This page is simply an archive of content from 2003. The links no longer work. Please use the - WORKING GUESTBOOK - on the Home Page to contact other Armour Heights people.

1. For those living in the Peterborough area, you may wish to call -

2. By submitting your name to the "Reunion Contact Information Gathering Forms", visitors will be able to look up fellow classmates by current surnames, or by maiden names, along with any other contact information you wish to provide. Whether or not this information appears on the Web is your choice.

Who has submitted? View the List of Web Contacts

3. The "Advanced Guestbook", permits you to either:

  1. Leave your name, and optionally, your e-mail, photo (60Kb) and a text message (anything you want, up to 1500 characters),
  2. View similar messages left by others, and even attach a comment to any of the messages left by others.

Unfortunately, this Guest Book cannot be configured to collect the information requested by the "Reunion Contact Information Gathering Forms"


4. The Discussion Forums on the Bulletin Board are divided into decades. Here, you may leave public or private messages about:

- your days at Armour Heights
- days since
- requests to contact old classmates.

You may even meet one of your old teachers here. If you would like to moderate the forum for your decade, let Dan Delong know.

For those living in the Peterborough area, you may wish to call -