Armour Heights HAPPs 1956 Yearbook

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ROOM 1 - GRADE 5 and 6 - Mr. Bullock


Perhaps you have seen boys and girls standing on the corner with white belts on, and an orange-and-black sign with "STOP" on it in their hand. These children are safety patrols. We have these patrols to help children to and from school safely. Constable Scott is head of all the patrols in Peterborough .


There are seventeen patrol members at Armour Heights . Our captain is David Lee and our lieutenant is Grace Bell. We have two places for the patrols to work at. One is on McFarlane Ave and one is at the corner of Armour Rd. and McFarlane Ave.


We have four teams. Each team works two weeks in a month. One week we work mornings and the next week we rest while another team takes over mornings. The following week we work afternoons and the next week we rest while another team takes over.


We have court Tuesday mornings at 10:30 . This Court is to punish some people who have been disobeying safety rules.


Patrols are rewarded with a free show every month, a Christmas party, and a picnic in June. In May the captain and the best patrol from each school get a free trip to Ottawa . Being a safety patrol member is a very wonderful job.


FIELD DAY - by Georgina Moore Gough

On the 28th of October, 1955 , the senior grades 4, 5 and 6 of Armour Heights School held their 3rd Field Day. Mrs. Gracie, Miss Leggett, Mr. Bullock, Mr. Anderson and our caretaker, Mr. Hitchins , helped us. We had planned to hold it on the 30th of September but due to bad weather we ended up the end of October.


It was a warm, sunny day but the ground was muddy and the grass was slippery, as it had rained a couple of days before.


There were six contests and six teams. The events were: soccer kick, Soccer throw, softball throw, broad jump, high jump, and softball cage. Mr. Anderson rang a bell to tell us it was time to change to another event.


The winning team was Jim Parnell's and they got red ribbons. Jim Nichols' team came second and got blue ribbons. The junior girl's champion was Grace Bell; runner-up was Phyllis Watts. Junior boy's champion was David Hunt; runner up was Keith Hendren . Senior boys champion was Jim Parnell. I enjoyed it very much, but I wonder how many others did.


SOCCER -by Adrie de Groot

Armour Heights School plays soccer every year. There is a junior and senior team. I played in the senior class.


We played twice. We played King George School twice because it was a tie the first time. The second time we beat them 2-1. When we first came on the field everybody started yelling "Ha, King George will beat you by 10-0." But later they were surprised. I just about scored 2 goals but they were just a bit too high. I have been kicked lots of times instead of the ball.


I have played soccer since I was six and when I was eight I went in a team and played games against teams from other places in Holland close by. Do you like soccer? I do, and I think everybody does.


HOCKEY -- by David Lee

Each year the schools have hockey teams, and this year ours had one. I was on it.


It was the middle of the last game and Mr. Anderson, our coach, put me on the ice. I got the puck and started skating towards their goal but somebody bodychecked me into the boards. I hurt my knee so Mr. Anderson put on another player. We lost that game so we didn't get a chance for the cup.


We didn't win many games this year so I hope we have a better team next year.


A CHRISTMAS STORY - by Martha Raper

When I woke up about 4:30 in the morning I went into the living-room to see what I got. You couldn't see anything because it was so dark. My mother heard me and came to see what the matter was. I hid behind the chair till she had gone.


On the way back to bed I tripped over a present. In the morning my mother said that a certain little girl peeked and that she wasn't to do it again "OR ELSE".



PINKIE GROWS UP - by Phyllis Watts

At Easter at the Odeon Theatre they gave away six rabbits. They went by seat numbers. My cousin won one but he couldn't keep it so he gave it to me.


Pinkie is kept in a cage. He eats cabbage, lettuce, carrots, oatmeal, and drinks water. He is getting now so that he goes up the cellar steps. He is an Angora rabbit.


I think Pinkie is the best pet I've had yet.

TREE PLANTING AT CAMP - by Douglas Price

At Scout camp we planted trees. On Saturday we started out at 10:00 and walked a quarter mile from camp. Long rows were made for us to put the trees in. They were to be planted three steps apart. Three boys went together to plant a bucket of trees.

One boy dug, one boy carried the bucket of trees, and the other planted. We planted two different kinds of trees, White and Red Pine. We got a lot of pleasure from doing that job.


A NARROW ESCAPE - by Karen Dion

One year at our cottage, a six-year old girl had a narrow escape. This is how it happened.


The people in the cottage next to ours had a fifteen-year-old boy and a little girl. Their names were Lynn and Richard. It was a very hot day and so they wanted go in swimming. Lynn, the little girl, was too young to go in by herself, so her brother, Richard, wont swimming with her.


After about half an hour Lynn began to get tired, so her brother took her to shore. Richard put her down, at the dock and then went out into deeper water. Lynn how slipped and fell on a rock, face down. Her father, seeing her fall, ran and jumped in after her. He didn't take time even to slip off his shoes. When out of the water, artificial respiration was performed. About 15 minutes later she was heard saying,"Stop pushing. It hurts."


Lynn was a very lucky girl. If it hadn't been for her father's quick actions, she would have drowned. It was a very narrow escape for her.


A PIRATE RAID - by Bob Beggs


It was 1742 and I was on the S.S. May leaving Port Wigwam. After six days at sea we spotted an island. We anchored our ship in the bay and paddled on to the island in the canoes. We climbed up a hill and over the other side there was a band of Pirates. Our captain was going to walk into their camp with some of the crew when, with a fierce yell the pirates attacked and most of our men were captured.


Only I escaped. I ran to the canoe and paddled away to the ships. I climbed on board and there was an enormous pirate with a musket. He was just ready to shoot, when my mother woke us up.

MISCHIEVOUS PEOPLE - by Shirley Peterson

Would you like to know what my brother, Sandy, and my Sister, Sue did on Thursday when I was in charge of them because Mother had gone away? Thinking they would be all right for a few minutes I went down to the store. They knew Mother had some fudge in the cupboard, so after I was out of sight they looked but it was gone. Thinking they would get into it, I had hidden it before.


Twenty minutes later I came home and went into the kitchen when I froze in my steps. Here is what I saw. Chairs were upside down, food on the floor, water and milk on the floor and Sandy and Sue crouched under the table. Luckily that day the maid came and cleaned the kitchen for us. From then on we called Sandy and Sue "Mischief Makers."



Room 1 - Grade 5 & 6 - Mr. Bullock

THE BUBBLE - by Brenda Innes

Baby blew a bubble,

She softly let it fall

Like a coloured fairy

In a glass-like ball.


Pretty little bubble

Do not go away.

But the wind blew the bubble,

Blew it right away.


OUR LAND by Brenda, McConnell

Canada , Canada , what a land!

No' other country could be so grand.

Flowers blooming all around,

Birds making a cheerful sound.


Maple trees are all about

"Maple leaf's our emblem," we shout.

For Canada on guard we stand,

To protect our beautiful land.


TWO LITTLE MICE - by Karen, Woods

Two little mice

Found some rice.

They took it to their holes

And placed it in two bowls.

One mouse ate it fast

And it didn't last;

The other ate it slow,

And he seemed to grow.

One mouse found a ball,

The other found a doll ; .

They soon began to play,

And they had a lovely day.

Then it was time for bed,

But the mice just read.

Soon they turned out the light

And said, "Good night."

These two little mice

Are now well behaved and nice.

You'll often hear them call

"A happy life to all."



My name is Jack Holles . For two months our wagon train was on the go. One night my dog, Northpaw , woke meup . I knew he was trying to tell me something. As I was going to tell Dad, I heard an ear-shattering cry. Then I knew. It was Indians. Soon flaming arrows were whizzing in all directions. The men were all reaching for rifles. Suddenly I spotted a Sioux brave. He had his tomahawk raised . The sun shining on it dazzled me.

That saved me. I woke up.


The Rain - by Joy Elliott

Pitter, patter goes the rain,

Dripping down the window pane;

When each drop has touched the ground,

It is nowhere to be found.

Bringing life to grass and flowers,

The rain will come as April showers.

Although the rain is very wet,

It's very useful, don't forget.


A Saturday Night Bath - by Sherie Greenly

One rainy night

A small wood sprite

Was having his Saturday bath.

"I'm tired of taking showers," he cried.

"I want a bathtub deep and wide

Where I can splash around inside."


And he skipped down the woodland path.

And there by the side

Of a stump, he spied

A toadstool, creamy white;

Creamy without, corral within,

A wee, round bowl with a fluted rim

A bathtub just designed for him;

And he capered with delight.

Then he clambered up

To the rain-filled, cup;

And over the brim he went.

"What fun!" cried he. "What luxury,

To bathe in a tub made just for me."

And he splattered and splashed in ecstacy ,

And soaked in sweet content.


THE QUEER HOUSE by Marilyn Frise

One day Susan and I, went to see a haunted house. There was an old man living there named Big Ben. He asked us our names.

We told him and asked if we could live there, since we had nobody to look after us Then he agreed to let us stay.

We went to bed that night and' had a very restful night. Big Ben woke us up in the morning. Susan kept asking questions all

morning about the haunted house. Big Ben told her there were ghosts in' the house. Later in the afternoon a sales man came

to the door and asked if he could see Big Ben's Bible. Susan got it for him. When he opened it he saw his lucky dollar. He said,

"Well, bless my soul here is my lucky dollar I lost three years ago."

Then Big Ben was ashamed for being caught not reading his Bible for three years. From then on he read it before bedtime and

after breakfast. Big Ben, Susan and I lived happily ever after in the unhaunted house.



ROOM 2 Grade 4 - Miss Leggett

THANKSGIVING by Danny Delong

On Thanksgiving we went through Warsaw . We saw many pretty trees that had turned gold and red. Then we stopped and picked a bag of apples. We saw some other children coming up the road to pick apples too. There was a chipmunk running across the road, with his cheeks full of nuts. Before we ate our dinner we played in the leaves. We said "Grace" before we ate. Later on we went to our cousin's to watch Television. When we went home some visitors came and. I went to bed.


FIELD DAY by Sandra Bartley

On Friday, October 28, we had Field Day. We didn't have it October 4 because it rained. On Field Day we went on the high jump and the broad jump. We threw the softball ' and did many other things. It was my first Field Day and I was very happy.

There were six teams. I was on team five. My team won a blue ribbon which was second prize.


CHRISTMAS DAY - by Maureen McDonald

On Christmas morning I was so excited that I could not sleep. We got up at seven o'clock in the morning. Daddy told me to wake my brother up so we could go out and see what Santa left us. He had been here because we saw candy, nuts, toys and clothes.

After we had played with our new games we all got ready to go to Grandma's for dinner. We had a lovely goose dinner and then we undid our presents. The gift I liked best was my doll.


MINDING THE BABY - by Gerald Elliott

On Wednesday, I minded the baby for a half an hour. He would laugh as I threw a snowball at the snowman. He wanted a snowball so I made him one. Afterwards, I looked at my wrist watch and it was ten minutes after one. So I was going to take the baby in, but he wouldn't go. Finally I went to school and I was almost late.



On Saturday I went shopping for Mother. I liked to take the things off the shelf and put them into the cart. After I shopped, I wanted to carry the groceries out to the car, but Mother said they were too heavy for me. When I got home, I helped my Mother put the groceries in the cupboard. Afterwards, I played outside for awhile.


FEEDING THE BIRDS - by Danny Reynard

On Saturday my father and. I made a bird-feeding tray. We put it on a pole and nailed it down so it would not come off. I put some bread crumbs in the tray.

After awhile I looked out and there were three grosbeaks and five blue jays I am sure they were very thankful to me and my father for building it.


FLYING A KITE - by Robert Watson

One day we were up at Nicholls Park . I was flying a kite and I had some trouble. The string was not strong-enough and it broke. It got caught in a tree and finally the wind blew down the wrecked kite. Then we went home and patched it up. Afterwards, I went to the park again and it flew very well.


PLAYING SCHOOL - by Paula Tingley

Barbara and I were having very much fun playing school yesterday. She was the teacher and I was the pupil. Barbara gave me mostly arithmetic. She said I was a good pupil. I was clean, tidy, and a very good worker. She said I was best in my, spelling. Barbara was a very nice teacher. She gave me less homework when I was good. When it was time for her to go home I told her to come again.


PEDIE, THE CANARY - by Brian Green

When I got to school one day there was a canary in our room. At first it was quiet, but when we were doing our arithmetic it was ready to sing. It did the same in the afternoon. I like canaries because they are good singers. I was sorry to see Pedie go home with Danny Reynard.



Last summer during my holidays I visited the Martyr's Shrine near Midland . It was at this spot that the Iroquois Indians tortured and killed Fathers Brebeouf and L'Allemande after Port Ste. Marie had been burned to the ground so that the Indians could not use it.


The ruins of the fort are being restored and I really enjoyed seeing how the early Christians in Canada lived.


Fort Ste. Marie was built in the year 1634 and destroyed in 1649. Parts of the stone corners of the fort have been dug up and restored to their original condition. Parts of the wooden fort have also been uncovered and are to be seen in the museum at the fort. There are also' nails, arrowheads, knives, axes and other tools on display at the Martyr's Shrine Museum .




If Spring would never come,

Then the flowers would not bloom,

And the birds would not sing;

Oh! beautiful Spring.


SPRING - by Jane Adam

The robins are back;

They are building their nests.

When the berries are ripe,

They will be pests.


The crocuses are blooming,

What a beautiful sight!

The tulips are growing

In the sunlight.


APPLE BLOSSOMS - by Marike Madisso

Apple Blossoms pink and white

You are so pretty and light,

People come to see

Your beauty.

But it was now night,

And the blossoms were closed tight,

And to the people they said, "Good Night."


SPRING - by Marilyn Tinney

Spring has come.

Oh! what fun

To jump and run.

In the sun;

To go to school,

For that's a rule

To help and play

And work all day.



We, as members of Grade 4, took part in Field Day this year. Our class had a very enjoyable Hallowe'en party. We put on a play called, "A Present for Mother" for the Christmas Home. and School Meeting. At Christmas Miss Leggett treated us all. Then we gave her a beautiful rhinestone necklace and earrings to show our appreciation for her work with us. On February 14, our Valentine mail box was full. We had fun that day.


During the year we had several Junior Red Cross Meetings with Mr. Hynes, Mr. Bullock and our mothers at some of them. Our visit to the Peterborough Examiner was very helpful to us in our Social Studies.


When we sang our Festival song at the April Home and School Meeting we won the attendance prize. On May 15, we got 83 marks at the Kiwanis Music Festival. This was second prize.


We have enjoyed our year with Miss Leggett in Grade 4.



Room 3 - Grades 2 & 3 Miss Youmans

The Weather - by Marlene Cruse

Today the weather is so cold,

When we are so very old.

The snow is falling on the ground,

And there is no grass around.

When the snow melts all around,

Then we know it is in town.


Bandages - by Cary Jensen

"Where did all this bandage come from?" thought Jimmy. Jimmy used all the bandage and his mother spanked him and spanked him until his seat was as read as Rudolph's nose. Then his mother spanked him again. She sent him to bed fast before she spanked him again. He was bad.


We went to the Quaker Oats. Miss Lumb's class came with us. When we got there we waited for a while in the hall and then we got on an elevator to go upstairs. I liked to see the people boxing cereal. When we were leaving we got a box of cereal.

By Patty Taylor

A Cold Day - by Marie Lucas

It is windy out today. The snow is falling all around. Children have rosy cheeks. All of us have awfully cold noses. People's toes are cold as ice. The children cannot move their fingers.


Rhymes about Lambkin's Terrible Hat


There once was a lamb

That looked very funny.

She wasn't like Billy the Lamb;

She looked more like a bunny.

By Sharron Seguire


Lambkin, Lambkin! Where are you going?

I'm going down to see the bunny.

Oh, isn't that enjoyable,

And you look so very funny.

By June Williamson


A Letter


Dear Sharon Bush,

I know you are getting your tonsils out or you have them out. Yesterday we saw a film about fires. You never play with matches, fire-crackers, oil or gas.

I love you and God bless you.

From Kathleen Tobey


A Make-Believe Story By Ross Jamieson

The Craziest Flower

Once upon a time there was a little flower who was always talking to her neighbour about her home. One day she said, "Why is my home not like yours?"

The other little flower said, " You do not dust your house.'

"Why dust when you can have tea parties?"

"You have been wishing to be married, haven't you?"

"Yes, but I can't get married."

"Dust your house and every man will want to marry you."

"Oh Boy! I'm going to be married."


Zeke's Song

Zeke never stops cutting the grass

In the Spring .

He cuts all the grass on Pleasant Street

As he sings.


A group project by Gordon Haride , Dennis Payne, Fred Rosebush, Michael Robinson, George Moore-Gough, Richard Webb, Lorraine Smith


Empire Day - A Group Project

We all celebrate Empire Day. And they also do it very far away ,---- India , Pakistan , Australia , New Zealand , Ceylon and South Africa and Canada .


The Union Jack

The Union Jack is our flag;

It is red, white and blue.

It waves up in the air,

And we all promise to be true.



We live in Canada.

We all should be true

To our Queen and our Empire,

And to follow the rule.






We were sorry to see Michael Herod and Pearl Spencer leave our room. Michael went to Queen Elizabeth School and Pearl went to Lakefield.


We had several new members too. They are Billy Tingley , Betty Warner, Ken Lacey and Karen Rosebush.


Some of us had new baby sisters and brothers. Billy now has little Bassel , Mary has Peggy, and David has Phillip.


We had fun this year. Here are some stories we wrote about what we did.


VISITING THE FIRE HALL - by Gary Williamson

We visited the Fire Hall. We saw the fire trucks. I went on the back of the fire truck.


FUN AT RECESS - by Norma Hendren

I play with my friends at recess. Sometimes the boys chase us. We play cowboys.


A FAVOURITE GAME - by Carol Douglas

My favourite game is Doggie with the Bone and I like it very much. Maybe you can play it too.


I like playing cowboys. Donnie and Chrissy play cowboys too. They shoot me and I fall down. I like playing, cowboys - by Billy Brooks



A RUNAWAY PET - by Jacqualine Clark

My pet is yellow and white ,

My pet does not bite.

My pet ran away.

It is a dog.


MY DOG AND A BALL -- by Glyn Mills

I have a little dog. My dog's name is Tuffy . My dog can chase a rubber ball.


MY FISH - by Christine Robb

I have a goldfish. We haven't got any fish food but we do have crushed cornflakes.



We had our Mothers come to the Mothers' Day program. We had singing. We had a treat. We had the Story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The funniest of all was Cedric pushing the troll into the water. - by Lynn Strickland


On Mothers' Day we had the "Three Billy Goats Gruff." I was in it and I was Great Big Billy Goat Gruff. There was a troll under the bridge. The little Billy Goat wasn't afraid of anything. We liked that best of all.

- by Cedric Anthonisen


We had our Mothers to our Mothers' Day program. In it we had "The Six Little Ducks," who were played by Patsy and Judy and Margaret and Mary and Carol and Glyn . He was the one with the feather on his back who ruled the others with his "Quack, quack, quack" and that's what he did.

-  by Carol Douglas


We had a Mothers'-Day program on Friday and our brothers and sisters came to it too. We had a play of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff." Cedric was the great big Billy Goat. Billy was the

Big Billy goat, and George was little Billy and Bryan was the troll.

- by Gary Scriver .


I was in the marching. I laughed a little. Then I looked at the teacher. Then I went on doing it.

- by Gary Harris


A BAD BOY - by Vera Russell

Tom is up on the roof. He is going to jump. He is going to jump in a net. His father thinks he is bad.



SPRING - by Glyn Mills

I'm glad it's Spring

For I can sing.

The sky is blue,

I have a canoe.


THE TRAIN - by Billy MacMurray

The grass is green

The sky is blue.

I'm a train,

And I go " Choo , choo . "


COLOURS- by Ricky Earnshaw , Bobby Delong, Jimmie Dorsett

I know something yellow,

I have a big marshmallow

And some jello .

I know something pink; It is a wink

I know something red; It is my bed.



ROOM 5 GRADE 1 - Mrs. Gracie


MY MOTHER - (By Everyone)

Mother, you are good to me,

I will be as good as can be.

Now it is time for you to play,

Because today is Mother's Day.



We guessed what we would see when Miss Jibb & Mrs. Radnor took us to the Fire Station.


THE FIREMAN by Sheila Bedford

We may see the Fireman at the fire Station. We may see the Fireman go down the pole. He helps Peterborough . He puts out fires.


THE FIREMAN -by Ann Mclvor

We will see him at the Fire Hall. We will see him shine his truck. We need the Fireman in Peterborough because he helps us

put out fires.


PETE - by Joanne Miller

Pete is a little gold fish. He swims all day long. I keep his bowl clean and feed him good food.


PINKIE - by Linda Watts

I have a little rabbit. She eats and drinks. Her name is Pinkie. Pinkie eats carrots and lettuce and can do tricks


CHARLIE - by Ronald Salmon

Charlie is a bird. He drinks water and he eats. He likes to sing when we sing. I let him fly around. Charlie is green.


GIPSY - by Jeffrey Field

Gipsy is a duck hunting dog. He is a brown retriever dog. He is a big long dog. He has a little tail. He can eat. He can stand on his two back feet.


SMOKEY - by Franny Banks

Smokey is a fish, His coat is silver gray. He swims in a dish.

He is pretty. He is my favourite fish.


PINKIE - by Terry Cooper

I see Pinkie in a cage eating carrots and lettuce. She keeps

getting fatter and 'fatter and fatter.


WHISKERS - by Jimmy Brockley

My pet is a cat. Whiskers can jump and beg. Whiskers can say "Meow". We wash our cat down in the cellar. Our cat sleeps on the rug.


MY DOG, LADDIE - by Ronald Warman

I feed Laddie three times a day. Laddie will not bite unless you tease him. He mostly sleeps all the time. That is the end of my dog, Laddie .




MR. GOBBLE GOBBLE - by Barbara Guppy

Mr. Gobble Gobble is in a 'box.

He says "Gobble."

Black Dog says "Bow-wow".

White Kitten says, " mew mew ."

Little Duck says, "Quack."

Everybody says something


THE BIRD by Nancy Pammett

Where is the bird? The bird is here.

What did the bird say? The bird said, "Cheep, cheep." The bird is happy now.

Nancy Pammett




I AM A SNOWFLAKE - by Billy Hawks

I am a snowflake on the mountain. The children have fun on me. They go down the mountain on me. I get on their skis and go down the mountain, too.


THE SUN - by Jim Vilneff

The sun gives us light in the day. It shines like a candle. I like the sun because it shines for us like God's love.


MY TRIP TO THE EARTH - by Karen Grills

Once there were a lot of baby snowflakes. They wanted to go on an adventure to the earth, but their mothers did not want them to go alone. One night, while their mothers were sleeping, quietly they jumped out of their beds. They had a great adventure.


SNOWFLAKES by Alan Walsh

I am a little snowflake. I fell down from the sky. I fell right on a tree to give it a drink.


THE QUEEN - by Cathy Hamley

I like the Queen because she is very beautiful. She has two children and many jewels. The Queen goes all around the world. She buys her children many things. She has not come here lately, but she has gone to Africa .


SCHOOL - by Jacqueline Langton

I think that school is the best place in the world because the teachers tell you about God and Joshua and Rahab . You can skip in the playground, too.


FLOWERS -by Judy Colling

Flowers are very beautiful. Their colours are very nice. I like red and white roses, and red and white tulips. When there are many flowers together, they make a very pretty bouquet. Oh, how I like flowers!


THE CAR -by Paul Lumsden

I like the 1956 cars because the colours are nice. I like the car because it has push-button driving. It is a nice car.


THE FROG AND I - by Donna Hartin

One day at the cottage I was playing with a frog, and I had a house for him, too. Mother called me for dinner so I had to go.

When I came out after dinner, the frog had gotten out under the house, so I had to go down to get another one. When I was coming

home , there was a great big snake in front of me. It frightened me and I ran away, so Daddy killed it.



THE STAR - by the Class

The lovely star of Bethlehem ,

Was shining bright one night.

From far away came three wise men

They followed that star so bright.


The lovely star of Bethlehem

Was once a shattered box.

The littlest angel gave his best;

God changed it to a star.


IF I WERE A SNOWFLAKE - by Donna Graham

If I were a snowflake,

All fluffy and white,

I'd like to land on a lake,

I wouldn't ever want to fight

For Brother snowflakes' sake,

If I were a snowflake.


THE DEER - by Judy Field

One Friday we were in Algonquin Park . We were driving along and Mommy saw a deer. Daddy stopped the car end we all looked up the hill. As soon as it saw us, it went away. Then Daddy started the car again and we went on a little farther. As we went on, we saw more deer. They stuck-their heads into the car and we fed them cookies. After a while we went to a place where we could

Eat. My brother wore his guns, and just when we were going to go in, the forest ranger checked his toy guns. I sure enjoyed my trip to Algonquin Park !


EASTER - by the Class

Easter time is very funny,

Daddy buys a chocolate bunny,

He sets it by a fuzzy duck,

Squeezes the chick, which says, "Cluck, cluck".

Mother gets a big white flower,

That reminds us of that hour

When Jesus rose from the tomb,

And Mary's heart was filled with gloom.



ROOM 7 - GRADE 2 and 3 - MISS LUMB



When I saw the snow this morning I was very angry. I thought winter had come back. There was snow all over the ground. I hated to wear my boots but my mother said that I must. By suppertime there was no snow to be seen, anywhere. - By Sylvia Mason

When I saw the snow this morning I thought I would build a snowman. My brother and I could make snowballs to throw at the snowman. Then we would push the snowman down on the ground.

We would jump on the big ball of snow that was once a snowman. By play-time there was no snow with which to build a snowman.

- By Mike Cannon.


When I saw the snow this morning I was angry. At breakfast Mother said, "Will we never have spring?" I thought spring and summer had gone by, and that winter had come again. I was glad the snow was all gone after school.

- By Brian Smith


MY PLAYHOUSE - by Mary Bromley

My father said he would build me a playhouse out of some wood-siding. It will have two windows to let in the bright sunshine. Daddy is going to paint it white. I will call this new playhouse, "Suit- me   "

For my new playhouse I have some nice furniture. I have a table and chairs, curtains for the windows, pictures to hang on the walls and also my dolly's crib and her carriage.

My friends and I will have fun playing in the house. We will play house with our dolls. My brother is going to use my playhouse for a club-house when he gets bigger. He will have lots of fun in it too.


PLAYING DOLLS -by Louise Pammett

First you must get a table and a chair. Then you must get your dolls. You must choose a person for the mother and a person for the father. The mother can put her baby to bed if she wants and the father can go to work if he wants.


DETECTIVE - by Brian Smith

Three people go out of the room and one person hides somewhere in the room. The rest of the people change seats. The three people who were out of the room return and try to guess who is hiding. When they have guessed who is hiding you can start all over again.


CAT AND MOUSE - by Betty Humphries

When you play cat and mouse the person who is the cat sits on a chair and hides his eyes. The rest of the children who are the mice says , "meow" the mice squat down. If the cat catches any mice standing she "eats" them. They must go and stand beside the cat until everyone is caught.


HIDE THE RUBBER by Newton Downer

Many children go out into the hall. Someone hides the rubber somewhere in the room. The children in the hall come back into the room and look for the rubber. When they see the rubber they go and sit down on the chairs. The last one to see the rubber gives it to someone to hide for the next game.


QUEENIE - by Terry Markwick

Any number of children can play this game. One is chosen to be Queenie . He turns around and throws the ball over his head. When someone catches it all the children put their hands behind their backs. The person who caught it calls " Queenie ". The person who is Queenie tries to find out who caught the ball. The person who has the ball is "it" for the next game.



ROOM 7 - GRADE 2 and 3 - MISS LUMB



During the Easter Holidays I played cowboys with my friends, Paul, Terry and Jimmy. We had fun hiding behind lumber piles, trees and houses. We also hid in our fort in the woods.

- by David Frise .


During my Easter Holidays I went to my Grandfather's farm near Brighton . I rode on a horse and gathered the eggs. My cousins and I had fun playing in the hay in the barn.

- by Malcolm Innes


During the Easter Holidays my Grandmother, aunt and uncle came to our house. My uncle has a new car. I liked riding in it.

- by Lynda Bronson


During my Easter Holidays I went with my Daddy on the Pepsi-Cola truck to the Bancroft mines. We ate our supper at a farm. I saw some baby pigs, some cows and some horses.

- by Roger Westlake


During the Easter Holidays I went to the Museum of Science in Toronto . I saw pictures of a silver mine. There were pictures of many kinds of fish and of animals that ruled the earth long ago.

What I liked best of all were the models of Indians and Eskimos and the displays of their tools

- by Bobby Ruddy


OUR AUCTION SALE - by the Class

On the last Friday in February we had an auction sale in our classroom. We sold toy guns, a toy grasshopper, a paddle, some perfume and many other things. These were things which the girls and boys had brought from home and which the teacher had taken away from us in school. Stephen Bedford and Ralph Andrus made very good auctioneers. Lynda Price and Gordon Eakins took care of our money which amounted to four dollars and fifty cents. With this money we bought some work books, flower seeds and some rubber balls.


MRS. GOOSE - by the Class

Mrs. Goose decided to have a bath.

All of a sudden she started to laugh;

Something was the matter;

She had forgotten the water.


A NAUGHTY BOY - by Connie Harrison

There once was a boy,

Who had many a toy;

And yet he was a boy so bad

He made his mother very sad.


LAZY SOJO by Shirley Williams

A pelican came creeping.

While Sojo was sleeping.

He stole all the fish.

Sojo had in a dish.


HERBERT, THE SQUIRREL - by Margaret Hardie

As Herbert was reading a newspaper one day,

He read of the largest Christmas tree

That was on the seventh floor

In Valentine's Department Store.


He climbed on the limb of an old oak tree,

And waited until passed cars three;

Then on to the bus jumped he

And off he went to see the great, big tree.


LAMPKIN - by Colleen Crawford

Lampkin , Lampkin , what have you there?

Mother, Mother, it is a hat for my head.

Lampkin , Lampkin , you should know it's a basket,

A basket of eggs, and not for your head.


THE CLOCK -- by Gail Dorsett

We have a clock,

That goes tick-tock;

It tells the time

From night-till dawn.


The hands are black,

The face is white,

The numbers are big

So we can tell the time right.



ROOM 8 - GRADE 4 and 5 - Mr. Anderson


MY VISIT TO OTTAWA - by Rosalind MacQuarrie

When I went to Ottawa I had plenty of fun. First I went_ through the Parliament Buildings and with my mother, went up to the tower. We went down an elevator and saw huge bells. The next day we went to the Experimental Farms and saw many animals such as pigs, cows, and horses. I enjoyed my trip to Ottawa . Have you been to Ottawa ?



One day our class went to St. Peter's Auditorium to recite two poems called "Signs of Rain" by E. Jenner , and "The Tiger" by Wm. Blake. We competed against Miss Hart's class of Queen Alex School but lost by four marks. We tried hard but maybe we'll win next year.



Last Summer I attended the Jamboree at Niagara-on-the-Lake. At the west gate on the south side of the 'road was a tower with "Jamboree" printed on it. Farther on, "Eighth World jamboree" was printed in lovely flowers. In front of the grandstand, the Scout Badge was made with flowers, and around it was a flag from every country with scouting. I was very glad to be there and see it.


IN ROME UNITED STATES - by Linda Patterson

Last summer I went on a trip to Rome , United States It was a very exciting trip. My uncle lives there. On one side of my uncle's house there is a little girl who is lucky and has a playhouse of her own. One time we found a baby skunk who hadn't opened its eyes. We taught it to hold a baby's bottle in its paws and drink out of the bottle. I enjoyed my visit very much.


AT THE NORTH POLE - by Judith Bolderson

One North Pole is in the United States . It is up on a very high mountain. At the North Pole there are deer that come right up to you. They have a pole made out of ice that won't me it. There were elves made of wood. Some people went into the little church. There was a big book there. At one end of the church there was a statue. I hope you visit the North Pole some day.


MY VACATION - by Barbara Flanders

When I was on my vacation last summer, we went to Hampton Beach , New Hampshire . The beach is 900 miles from Peterborough and it took nearly twenty hours to 'get there. The next day I went in and turned my back to the waves. One of the breakers knocked me down. Later, a jelly fish floated in to shore. They are big and red. I had lots of fun. Have you ever been there?


A TRIP TO LISTOWEL - by Isabelle Purcell

One day in August, 1955, my father said, "We are going to drive to Listowel on Sunday." It was about one o'clock when we saw some farmers going to Church. The farmers were dressed in black suits and all rode in buggies. They have their own cemetery at the back of-the Church. We went under the only covered bridge left in Ontario . Have you ever gone to Listowel ?



In 1955 I went to Niagara Falls with my uncle. On the way I saw a big jet airliner, and about fifteen trains. When we got there it was a pretty sight. I saw the big lights that make the Falls different colours at night. We all had a pleasant time.


THIS YEAR'S PATROLS - by Ann Menzies

The patrols this year are: Captain, David Lee; Lieutenant, Grace Bell; and Rosalind MacQuarrie , Judy Bolderson , Ann Menzies , Jane Meeks, Linda Parnell, Catherine Robinson, Karen Dack , Linda Morrison, Georgina Moore Gough, Peter Ford, David White, Bob Beggs and Roger Hamley .

Each Tuesday at 10:20 , the patrols have a meeting in the playroom. Mr. Anderson is there every week and Constable Scott comes about twice a month. Brenda McConnell is our secretary. The patrols learn how to punish Jay Walkers etc. and then we close with the patrol pledge.


PAY FOR PATROLS -by David White

Each month the patrols get a free show at the Paramount Theatre. The Christmas party is nice too. There we get a free show, candy and a patrol crest. The June picnic is also enjoyed. We run races, play games and get sandwiches and chocolate milk. Every year the captain and one patrol go to Ottawa . They see the museum and the Parliament Buildings. I hope you will get your turn to be a patrol.


BOYS' SPORTS IN AUTUMN - by Harry Willis

We always have a soccer team, and most of the boys play soccer at recess. At our Field Day in October the three senior rooms were divided into six teams. The captain of the winning team was Jim Parnell and Jim Nichol's team came second. We all enjoyed the Field Day.



In 1955 our Junior Hockey Team beat Queen Elizabeth, tied Central and lost against Grove and Queen Mary. Jerry Harding was our goalie and he was pretty good. I was lucky enough to get some neat goals. We hope we get the Junior cup next year. Our Juniors had to stay out of the final game this year, but we won the cup two years ago.


BOYS' SOFTBALL -by Paul Ferguson

Our coach is Mr. Anderson. The first game we defeated Queen Elizabeth 20 to 12. The catcher was Barrie Mclvor and the pitcher was Norman Davis. Mr. Anderson also coaches a senior team at Armour Heights . These bigger boys also play other teams. Our Junior team hopes to win the cup.


MY DREAM - by Kaye Thornton

In my dream I was a fat snake;

I had a very bad stomach ache;

My mother said not to worry

She'd call the doctor in a hurry.

The kind doctor came very fast

And put me in a rubber cast;

He gave me a red, sour pill.

I took it turning to the hill.


FISHING - by Bill Robb

Oh, how I wish

I could catch a fish;

With my little wee rod

I'd catch a big cod.

I'd go in a small boat,

And take my wee coat;

I'd bring my hoods;

I'd bring no school books.


MY DREAM - by Patsy O'Neil

In my dream I was a deer,

And of hunters I did fear;

I ate the bark off winter trees,

And never once was I at ease.

In summer I had lots of fun,

Running about out in the sun,

Always open eyes to keep,

And never to be caught asleep.


MY SISTER by Catherine Robinson

My sister's name is Wendy

And she is very cute;

She has a friend named Susie

Who wears a bright blue suit.

They often play together

As well as going out;

In all sorts of weather,

They play in their hideout.


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