Room 1 Grade 5 - C. A. Bullock


      Safety patrols are to help. children get across the street safely. Every second and last Wednesday each month we have a meeting. Mr. Anderson is in charge of patrols. Constable Scott comes to our meetings as well as Mr. Anderson.

We have 8 teams and I am on No. 8

I work at the top of McFarlane St. in front of the school. My partner is Lorraine Pammett. We work in the morning one week then rest a week and then we work in the afternoon the next week. Every month we have a show. I think you'd like to be a patrol member don't you?

FIELD DAY -by Darlene Gates

      On a sunny afternoon near the end of September we had Field Day. There were five teams each with a captain and an assistant. There were the softball throw, broad jump, high jump, soccer kick and the underhand throw. When Mr. Anderson rang the bell we changed to different games.

      The captains were Lorne Dinesen, Danny Reynard, Ian MacPhail, Ron Finch and Barrie Mclvor, Lorne Dinesen's team came in first and Danny Reynard's team came in second.

      When we finished the contests we had relay races. The junior champions were Patsy O'Neil and Brian Chandler. The senior champion was Ronald. Laing. It was a wonder ful day.

OUR FIRST SOCCER GAME - by Gerald Harding

      It was the first soccer game of the year. We were playing against Queen Mary School at Ashburnham Park. The whistle blew to start the game. We were a bit scared for they started coming towards us with full power. Our goaly, Randy Reid, made a wonderful save the first time but they scored the second time.

I said to Captain Mclvor, "Let's go".

We really did go too. We were right in front of the net. McIvor passed to me and I gave the ball a hard kick and scored in the last minute of play. Well, the game ended with the score 1-all.

HOCKEY by Doug Dixon

      In the winter Grades 4 and 5 went to the Civic Arena to play hockey. I was the goaly, then a defenceman. Our first game ended 0-0. The second one was great, chasing the puck like mad dogs, and we made a score.

      4 seconds before the whistle ended the game, The score was 1-0. The last game we had, our team lost. The score was 1-0 then too.

DAD'S OLD SHOTGUN - by Bob Ainsworth

One day I took Dad's old, shotgun out to try it. It was rusty, and hadn't been shot in years.

I headed for the forest with a bag of carrots and that old gun. I laid the carrots beside the hole and after a while two white ears appeared. I aimed, fired and the next thing I knew I was sitting down instead of standing up. After the smoke had cleared, I picked myself up and saw to my sorrow, the rabbit hop quickly off into the woods.


A NIGHT IN THE WOODS -by Barrie Mclvor

We were sitting around the camp-fire. talking about the day's hunting when we heard the snapping of twigs and saw through the dark a pair of narrow green, glaring eyes. Unable to move we started with terror, in the direction of those shiny eyes as a low rumbling growl came from the same direction. Slowly the bushes parted and into. the light of the camp fire stepped a fierce, tawny lynx. Growling continually he watched us a short, terrifying time. Then, turning slowly, he slunk off into the darkness.



I was visiting the farm and decided to get up at 5 a.m. I got dressed, made my bed, went downstairs and outside without eating my breakfast. The first sound I heard was the " cock-a-doodle-doo" of the rooster, then the rustling of feathers as the chicken family roused themselves. All of a sudden the whole farm became alive with neighing, mooing, bleating, hissing, squealing and quacking. Last of all I heard the clang of the breakfast bell to which everybody came running. I had been in the barnyard in early morning.


THE SNOW STORM by Margaret Paul

Without warning the sun was hidden by a mass of heavy, dark clouds. Almost immed ­ iately a sharp stinging wind came up, causing the loose snow which was laying on the ground to be whipped up into fluffy white clouds which moved swiftly across the open fields. The sky became a mass of swirling, large, white snowflakes, and for the next few hours every thing received a new soft white covering as the storm wore itself out.

Room 1 Grade 5 - C. A. Bullock

WHEN TWO LORDS NEST - by Jerry Elliott

       A lion was lying in his shady cave, when he heard a great, low rumble in the fare off distance. It was a herd of elephants going to the water hole behind his case. The lion went with a snort of anger to protect the water-hole. The herd of elephants halted with a great cloud of dust at their feet. The leader of the elephants was Saso, who rushed at the lion. Lifting his trunk, Saso trumpeted as he stamped on the lion. Saso was now for sure the King of the Jungle,


       It was April 4, 1941, World War II. We were waiting for the train from Dunkirk with British soldiers when we heard the drone of Hitler's might Stuka bombers, Junkers 88 and the Junkers 44. We had heard the train a few seconds before. Then we heard Hitler's terrible bombs tearing up the earth around the train. The boats were ready to take the soldiers to England's shores.

       The train finally pulled in, doors were flung open and men ran towards the boat's. I jumped into the closest P.T. Boat. We got safely back to Dover.

       When I got back I read in the paper that Hitler was slowly gaining a foothold in Belgium and France,


SPRING - by Sandra Bartley

In spring the grass is green and bright,
And everything looks so clean;
The bushes, the trees, the grass, the leaves
Look just like a painted scene.

SPRING - by Patsy O'Neil

Spring is here again today,
The flowers' and grass are very gay;
The birds and trees just seem to say.
Isn't it a lovely day?

SPRING -by Carole Craig

When the birds are coming back,
The leaves begin to show;
The rushing ponds of water
Make a lovely world you know.

SPRING by Jerry Elliott

The birds are singing
Spring is here.
Their songs are echoing
Through the air.

The long warm days,
The bright sun's rays
Make the flowers grow
Where there once was snow.

The long spring rains are back again
To hit upon the window pane;
To make the trees and flowers grow,
And take away the winter's snow.

We think of summer coming soon,
And swimming in the afternoon;
With baseball games and fishing, too,
And picnics under skies of blue.

SPRING by Jimmie Thompson

A song of Spring is heard on high,
The honking of geese: as they fly by,
The flowers, that were asleep so long,
Raise their heads as they hear the song.

As the sun's warm rays shining overhead
Lift the mantle of winter that Nature spread,
The grass and plants and trees nearby
Push their heads upward toward the sky.

On the rivers that wind through the countryside,
Fishermen search for the fish that hide;
While on the bank laughing and bold,
The boy gets the fish with an old birch pole.

Springtime, a time for each boy and girl
To laugh, and share the joy
That comes, as birds take wing,
While all of Nature's creatures sing.

SPRING -by Merike Madisso

Spring is here! The buds are on the tree.
Oh! come and sing with me.
The birds are all singing,
The church bells are ringing.

The snow and cold have gone;
And greener is the lawn.
The tulips are out
And the bees buzzing about;
And he's home again,
The busy little wren.


Room 2 Grades 3 & 4 - Miss Leggett

FUN - by Hugh Banks

Once a boy who could sing,
Climbed up a long string,
He started to fall,
He started to call.

And along came Miss Breeze,
Who caught him with ease,
"Thanks", said he,
And danced with glee.

Its lots of fun,
To jump and run,
To laugh and play
Some happy day.

Let's have some fun,
Let's have a bun,
Now we better go home
To the end of the poem

NEW HAT -by Colleen Crawford

There once was a bunny,
Who looked very funny.
She tried on a hat,
But her head was too fat.

One day she was looking
For things for her cooking,
When she saw the hat
Upon a golden mat.

So she tried it on,
And frightened a fawn.
So then she came home
And started to moan.
And that is the end of this poem.


       On my holidays I saw a little chipmunk with his brother in the woods They were looking for something to eat but I scared them. So they did not get their food. They ran as fast as they could home. I hope they had as nice a holiday as I did.

HOW I EARNED MY PENNIES - by Sharon Covert

       The Penny-a-day Drive was on to get money for the sick people. I earned my pennies by washing the dishes and other things. When the Penny-a-day Drive was over our class had earned $4.79. I was glad that my money went to help someone.

SPRING IS HERE - by Shirley Williams

Spring is here, spring is here;
Robins have come to stay;
Winter has come and gone away
Till the end of summer's day.

FLOWERS -by Stephen Bedford

Out come the flowers
In summer hours,
Out come daffodils, tulips too,
Roses rd and violets blue.

COMING OF SPRING - by Gail Dorset

The days grow longer with the coming of spring,
When the birds coma back from a trip a-wing;
The sun shines down on the earth each day,
The trees and the flowers take in its ray.

ROBIN REDBREAST - by Karen Grills

Robin, Robin on the lawn.
Nearly as graceful as a swan,
I hope you arc nice and warm,
For there is going to be a storm.

MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS -by Betty Humphries

On my summer holidays I went to my cousins. We played in the old playhouse. We had to clean it up first before we played in it. Every day we would have to sweep it out. We sometimes moved the furniture around. We had three dolls whose names were Sharon, Peggy and Sue. We put them to bed at 7 o'clock each night. I had a lot of fun on my summer holidays.

MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS -by Sharon Miller

       On my summer holidays my mother, father, sister, brother and I went to the Toronto Exhibition, We went on Warrior's Day and we saw the Veteran's Parade. We went into a building and saw some of the new cars. Afterwards we went and had supper. Then we went en some of the rides. On Monday we went to the grandstand and saw Annie Oakley and Gene Autry with their horses. Then we saw the musical ride of the Mounted Police.


Room 2 -.Grades 3 & 4 Miss Leggett

MY TRIP TO BARRIE   -by Carol Parnell

      One Sunday morning my Aunt June phoned my mother and asked her if we would like to go to Barrie to see her father who is a cook on a train. My mother said, "Yes", so we hurriedly got ready for, the trip. We were very excited because it was the first long trip we were ever on.

      The day was very windy and cold and we ran into a snow storm on the way. When we got there we asked a boy if he could direct us to the train yards.

      We went into the station and the man there told us where the train was that her father was on. We went back to the caboose and a train man helped us up the steps. Aunt June was so happy to see her father. He gave us cookies and showed us through the train.

       On the trip back we had supper in a restaurant. We were tired but happy when we got home.

THE JUNIOR RED CROSS   - by Shirley Williams

      The Red Cross is a world wide organization that helps the sick and poor. That is why we have clubs to help raise money for it. Our club's name is the "Laugh and Learn Club".

      We, the pupils in Room w, Grades 3 and 4, have a Red Cross program every other week. On our program we have the business first, then the pledge. Some girls and boys sing and read things about health and safety or play instruments. Then some children repeat verses with other nice things. The treasurer takes the Red Cross bottle around the room and the members give what money they can. At a special collection, which lasted two weeks, we got $7.01 for the new school for Retarded Children. This money had to be earned or raised by the pupils them selves. At the end of the meeting we stand and sing the national Anthem.

SUMMER HOLIDAYS - by June Williamson

       On my summer holidays I went to Montreal. First we went to. Grandpa's house. We stayed there, for an hour. Then we went to Auntie Olive's house. We all slept there that night. In the morning after breakfast we walked over to Mommy brother's house. My uncle and aunt went to Church down the street. When I was in Montreal I went to the Wax Museum. I saw St. Joseph's Oratory and the Empress of France.

THE NAUGHTY GIRL - by Connie Harrison

      Once upon a time there was a girl about to do the dishes. Then the telephone rang Suddenly she had an idea. She would stay on the telephone for a long time so she wouldn't have to do the dishes. But when her mother came home she was angry. So she had to do the dishes after all.

CHRISTMAS DAY - by Catherine Hamley

      My brother and I woke up early and went into the living-room to open up some parcels before Mommy and Daddy got up. When I opened up a big present I found a nice pink lamp for my bedroom. Later the family went over to Grandma's for a turkey dinner. We had a very good Christmas meal of turkey, dressing cranberries, vegetables and Christmas pudding. When the day was over we were very happy to have had such a nice Christmas Day.


      A "boy in our class brought the tree. After we got the stand, we put the tree up firmly. We put the lights on first. Then we put on icicles and some cotton batting for snow, It was the most beautiful tree I've ever seen.


      Ono morning I woke up and did not know where I was. All I could see was something black all around me so I thought .that I would try to get out. I hit it again and it broke. Then I saw light and I crawled out of the hole. All I could say was, "Peep, peep",

I AM AN EASTER BONNETT - by Susan, Burnley

      On, the day before Easter some people took me into a house and showed me to a little girl. The little girl put me on her head. She said that I was lovely. It was very nice playing with the other Easter bonnets on the street.


      A boy who bought a balloon at the parade was so excited at watching the clowns that he let go of the string. It went over the stores and houses. Then as it went past a tree it caught on a sharp limb and went "Bang." The little boy cried when his balloon disappeared.


Room 3 - Grade 2 - Miss Youmans

A PUPPY - by Michael Robinson

      Ann was playing with her new puppy, Father called Ann for dinner. She ran into the house. The little fellow was left outside. After dinner the little girl went to bed. The pup was very cold, In the morning the little girl looked out the window. She saw her puppy and ran downstairs and out the door. She picked her cold little puppy up. Ann brought him in and gave him and herself some breakfast.

MAKING BUTTER - by the Class

      We poured cream into a shaker. We shook and shook and shook that cream. We took the lid off to let the air out. The cream turned into little chunks. It got thicker and thicker. We poured off butter milk. Then we put salt in it. We ate our butter.

MILK - by the Class

We milk the cows each morning and night,
The cow's black coat is very bright;
The farmer gives them hay,
And we'll have milk each day.

PEP - by the Class

I like to drink milk each day
So that I'll have energy to play.
Milk gives me pep to run and jump,
Then I can take the very big bumps.

MILK - by Jeff Field

I like milk to keep me strong;
Milk makes me happy so I can sing a song.

A PET - by the Class

I wish I had a real good pet,
That would jump into a net.
I would .wash him every day;
He would never run away.

My rabbit goes hop
To the barber shop,
When will he stop? -by Dennis Payne


I would like to be a milkman. I would bring people milk. They would grow strong. - by Fred Rosebush

I would like to be a doctor. I would make people better, I could help them. - by David Fraser.

I would like to be a teacher when I grow up. I would help children. I would teach them arithmetic and other things. - by Nancy Pammett

I would like to be in the army to help our country. I would help to fight for our country. - by Dennis Payne

SKATING by the Class

      We went skating on January 17. We went by bus. We sang on the bus. Mr. Anderson was on our bus. Some of the mothers and teachers helped us to do up our skates. We all had fun.


      "We are going to the bakery this morning," said Miss Youmans. Some ladies took us in cars. At the Wonder Bread sign we stopped. We went into the bakery to find out things. We saw machines, racks, the oven, dough, tubs and pans and we had some bread and cookies. We went upstairs, downstairs and down one platform. I learned a lot. Would you like to hear it? Pans were loaded on the racks. The dough is sticky and sticks to your fingers. Then we went home and had dinner. We are back in school now.

OUR VALENTINE PARTY - by Barbara Guppy

      We all brought good things to eat. I brought some cookies. We brought Valentines, Some of the children gave out the Valentines. We had cookies, candies and fudge. We all got some Valentines. We had fun.

COOKIE RECIPE   - by Joanne Miller

2 eggs      2 cups flour

3 cups milk 2 cups raisins

4 teaspoon salt 1 cup peanut butter

Mix and cook.

Room 4 - Grade 1 - Miss Lowes


THE FIREMAN'S TRUCK by Pam Anthonson
The fireman's truck
Is very red.
His siren says,
"Look out ahead!"

The fireman's hat
Is very fat.
He smashes the window
With his fat hat.

If I were a fireman
I would do my best
As well as I could
You know I would.

The fireman comes out
With his big black hose.
He says, "Watch out!
I don't want to spray your clothes".



I was playing ball today. Paul Ferguson hit the ball. It went over the fence.

A WEINER ROAST - George McCully
One day I did go for a Weiner roast and I did get up on top of the roots of a tree.

AT THE COTTAGE Charles Baker
I went to Holly's Inn, the cottage, I helped row the boat. When we were about to go home Bootsy got lost and we lost Bootsy.

PLAYING BALL - Ronnie Dunn
One day I did play ball. I did hit it. I did run. Danny did hit it too.

LASSIE -- Lee MacMurray
I watched television and I watched Lassie. She saved Jeff.

A TRIP - David Harrison
We were on our way to Niagara Falls and we got out for supper. After supper I climbed up a great big hill and then I came down.

AT GOOSE BAY Louise McDonald
       We had a picnic at Goose Bay. After the picnic we went down to the water and we stuck our feet in the water. Then we went home.

A PICNIC - Rodney Covert
       One day my family went for a picnic and I walked on the bridge. I saw a fish.

PLAYING HOUSE -- Christina Janes
       One day Sharon and I were playing house and Sharon was the mother. I was the baby.

A BOAT RIDE - Teddy Cooney
       Sunday afternoon we went for a boat ride. We chased bull frogs. Then we came home.

AN INDIAN DRUM - Larry Perks
     I wanted Daddy to help me make an Indian drum. The next night Daddy told me to pick up the stones. I said I would do it at noon hour.

PLAYING BALL Shirley Valois
       One day I played ball. I dropped the ball and I had to pick it up. After that I played ball again.

A FORT - Ricky Reid
       Once upon a time Janice and I made a fort. Janice and I went into the fort. The fort fell on us so we got out of the fort.

A PARTY Heather O'Neil
       My sister's birthday was on Saturday. We had lots of fun. We played games with my mummy and daddy. Then we ate the cake. M-m-m-m! It was good!

OH SUSANNA Colleen Peterson
       I watched television. On television I saw Oh Susanna and, on Oh Susanna, I saw the captain and Susanna got into trouble.

       One day there was a little boy and his mother. They went to a grocery store. When they got there Jim spilled the oranges.
- by Sharon Eaton.

       One day Kevin went to the store. We knocked down the oranges. Mother said, "Come here, Kevin! Come with me." Then the man picked them up. By Gaye Pammett

Jimmy was on the roof. He was too scared to climb down so he jumped down. By Gregory Scott

Room 5 Grade 1 Mrs. Gracie


Sunday the children and I were going to go up on Armour Hill. But when we got to the school Lassie was on.
by Susan Downing

I went home to ride in the car.
by Bradley Patterson

I made a picture at home. My brother tore it.
by Linda Robinson

I went to Sunday School all by myself.
- by Anne Delong

1 was laughing in bed. I went to Sunday School. I was playing outside.
by Marg Brady

I played in the sandbox. We. went for a ride with Susan's daddy. We played cowboys.
by Brenda Greer

We had a gang after the bad gays and we won the war.     
by Steve Eakins

I went down to my Grandma's and I had fun. Father brought brown bunnies.
by Jane McMullen

Father cut my hair with the scissors. I have short hair now.
by Vicky Harris

I cleaned the car with Daddy. We went up on the Lift Locks.
by Doug Organ

I went a thousand miles with my mother and father. I went by train to British Columbia.      
by Terry Harding

I went to Hamilton on Friday. I went with Billy and Bobby.
by Jim Munro

We went downtown. We came home with Gus.
by Tim Dodds

I went to Lindsay in the Easter Holidays.
by David Harvey

I went home to sew.
by Sharon Cox

I went to my Grandmother's for supper in the car.
by Dale Reid

I went to see my Uncle Ernie and David.
- by Garth McQuaig

I went to the country. I saw a groundhog. We banged caps off. Father let me bang off his gun and it made a big bang. Father pointed the gun at a stone and it made a big bang.
by Cathrine Halladay

I went to the farm at Easter. I went to my aunt's house
by Sandra Golloher.

I was in Colborne. Easter Bunny gave me a fishing hook and line.
by Ross Keating

We went to Armour Hill for a minute. We went to park and we played.
by Dianne Harrison

My mother went to my Grandmother's at the farm.
- by Joanne Rosebush

I went to my Grandmother's. at Easter.
by Ricky Blodgett

We went for a ride to get some wheels for my bicycle but we could not find any.
by Shirley Buott

We went to the country. There was a thousand and four mosquitoes and bugs.
- by Jimmie Cumming

I went to my Grandma's in the car. I played ball with my Grandma.
- by Ann Gillespie.

I went to Granny's farm. Granny showed us some pigs. Granny showed us some cows.
by Robbie McLeod

We went to Orillia. We went to our Grandma's to eat dinner and supper. I saw a pheasant on the grass.
by Teddy Hawks

Grades 1 and 2 - Miss Lumb


One of our visitors, Miss Atkins, helped us to make butter. Miss Atkins brought a glass churn to school with her. We put some cream into the church. We helped to turn the handle to make the butter. When the cream was turned to butte we put water in to get the cream off the sides of the churn. Miss Atkins put the butter into a dish. With a ladle she squeezed the buttermilk out of the butter. She mixed salt into the butter. Then we ate our homemade butter on soda crackers.

MY CLOCK - by the Class

My little white clock Has a bell on top,
That rings so loud,
As if to wake a crowd.

BAD SPOOKY - by Bobby Delong

Once upon a time a dog named Spooky knocked over a lady's lamp, I will tell you how it happened. Spooky was chasing the cat. The cat jumped up on a table. Spooky jumped up there too. The cat jumped down. Spooky jumped down too, but he knocked over the lamp. The lady cried, "Stop! Stop!" and threw Spooky out of the house. The cat got away.

THE FIND by Billy Tingley

There was a little man
Walking down the street,
He found a nickel on the sidewalk.
And bought himself a treat.

I AM MR. WIND by Ricky Earnshaw

I am Mr. Wind. I do terrible tricks on people. I blow their hats away, I pull clothes lines down. I blow trees and telephone poles down. I am very good.

I have got a clock
That hangs upon the wall,
And all it can do
Is say tick-tock - by David Fowler

   When I had the chicken pox, I had to stay in bed. Mommy used to read stories to me. I used to watch television. I did not like to stay in bed, because I like to go to school.
by Norma Hendren

     When I had the measles I felt all bumpety. My two brothers had the measles too. I felt sorry for them because they are smaller than I. We had to stay in bed and keep warm. I could not go to school. Mother had to give me my lunch in bed but I could still watch television.
By Billy MacMurray.

     When I had the mumps Mommy let me watch television and look at my books. She had to tie a handkerchief around my neck because my neck was swollen. Mommy let me dress Teddy and watch my friends through the window.
By Lynne Strickland

When I had the measles, I felt bumpy and itchy. My friends brought presents to me. Mother gave me my breakfast in bed and read stories to me.
- By Judy Ray.

MY CLOCK   - by the Class

My little brown clock
Says tick-tock, tick-tock,
While two black hands
Play hippety-hop.

SPOT By Paul Sorg
     Spot is very, very unhappy. He jumped on the table and fell to the floor with a bump. He broke the table lamp. Mother sent him to his box with a slap.

     I am a pail of cool fresh milk. I go into the milk strainer. Then I am put in the milk cooler for the night. In the morning the truck comes and takes me to the dairy.
- By Bryan Suggitt

Room 7 Grade 3 - Mrs. J. Payne

MY LITTLE DILLY DOG - by Ross Jamieson

    Dilly was my grandmother's dog in the first place but my mother asked Uncle George if we could have her. He said we could. I got her just yesterday and we feed her what we eat and what dogs eat. My brothers are awfully fussy about taking her for a walk, so I take her nearly every time

WHOOFY,   THE CUB BEAR - by Lynda Bronson

      Whoofy is a funny little bear. Whoofy has a fat little body. He always gets into mischief. Whoofy eats turnips and bugs and other things.

THE LITTLE OLD WOMAN - by Diane Bennett

      Once upon a time a little old woman, named Elizabeth, was walking in the forest. Soon she met up with a little cub. When she saw the cub she said "Hello, little cub", and walked away. On and on she went and soon she came to a rabbit's house in the ground. Then she put her cane down and got on her hands and knees and looked in the hole, but all she could see was darkness. Then she started for home and that was the last I saw of the old lady.


      Once upon a time there were three. hens who lived in a barnyard, a red hen, black hen, and a speckled hen. Now every ay, as surely as the sun came up in the sky, two of these hens would begin to quarrel.

      "I am by far the prettiest hen in the barnyard:" clucked the red hen to the black hen. "You are too black, and the speckled hen is too speckly."

      Did you ever hear of three hens quarreling?

GOING SKATING? - by Linda Wood

      All the class went skating in March. We had music to skate to. There were lots of children. Valerie and my girl friend, Shirley, skated with me. Susan Adam and I were having lots of fun till the boys came along. Cheryl Reid was trying to catch Susan and me. At last we went home. We had a good time.

MY PET - by Joyce Bannon

       I have a bird named Peter. When we eat our dinner, our bird says, "Pretty Peter", and whistles. If I don't finish my dinner our bird says, "Joyce is a bad girl! Joyce is a bad girl!

MY PET BIRD -by Cheryl Reid

       Jo-Jo is my pet bird. Daddy made Jo-Jo a swing. Jo-Jo chewed it to pieces. He likes the music on the radio. He jumps and sings along with the people on the radio. He is a very funny bird.

MY KITTEN - by Brian Beggs

      My kitten, Fuzzy, sleeps in the flower box, and she breaks the flowers. My mother takes the broom and hits her. Then my kitten does not like her. Then Fuzzy stays out all night. I will get up at seven o'clock to get Fuzzy.


       I like spring because we can play skipping. I like to ride my bicycle in the spring. I like the warm weather too. I like to go outside after supper.

WHAT IS IT?   by Susan Adam

Hot as summer, cold as winter,
Can this really be?
Stir a little, add some sugar,
Puzzled as can be.

Serve it in a golden dish;
See the young prince beam.
Who would guess this was the way:
Hot chocolate and ice cream.

ANDY   by Urmas Madisso

Soon Andy learned to work so fast
That he could do much more;
He got ahead where he had been
So far behind before,

SCHOOL PAPER      by Cary Jensen

School paper,
Nice and new;
Who will buy one,
Maybe you?      

MY LITTLE DOGGIE - by Cary Jensen
My little doggie
Nice and plump.
He's so happy
He'll just jump, jump, jump.

Room 8 -   Grades 4 & 5 Mr. Anderson

OUR SAFETY PATROLS - by all the pupils

Our safety patrols are very fine, They work for us in rain or shine. Every morning they're at their post, Twenty to nine or very close. The smaller children who hop and leap Are helped across the busy street. The little police are seldom late, In order to go on with their mate. If they're careful and not too slow, Every month they get a free show.

OUR SCHOOL by all the pupils

Armour Heights is a real fine school, None of the teachers are very cruel. This new building is four years old; Most of the pupils do as they're told. Very soon we'll have six rooms more, And into these the children will pour. In the basement we do folk dancing. Around the room we all go prancing. The A.H. bed I see from the hill, Those pretty flowers give me a thrill This school I'll remember when I'm gray, And there my mind will often stray.

SOCCER by Harold Hendren

      Last autumn we had great fun playing soccer at Ashburnham Memorial Park. Neither school scored over four goals in any game. I wore number five in the games, for it was my favourite number. In the middle of the game we often gave someone else a turn, but it was fun anyway. I am going to try out for the team again this year.

PLAYING HOCKEY - by Doug Wells

       We started to play hockey in January. I was on Ron Pinch's team. We had 32 boys and divided them into four teams. Two teams would play for twenty minutes and then the other two would play for twenty minutes. The boys who played hockey would leave school about twenty to four and get to the Civic Arena at four o'clock. This year we did not play against other schools but I think we had good fun.


Goldfinches are very cute
In their bright yellow suit;
They all come back in early May,
But we don't know the exact day.

Mother bird will build a nest
And very seldom stop to rest.
She will hatch some little birds,
And keep them nicely groomed I've heard.

AUTUMN by Marlene Howard

On an autumn day
You feel so gay,
You cannot sigh
You don't know why.
The leaves are bright,
Your heart is light,
Miss Breeze fans your face
To suit your taste,
On an autumn day

MY MOTHER AND FATHER - by Marlene Howard

My parents are sweet And I cannot keep
My joy from bubbling over.
And so I will tell How very very well
I love my Mother and Father.

FIELD DAY -- by Linda Parnell

      On Field Day I was on Lorne Dinesen's team. When Mr. Anderson blew the whistle, each team would go to another activity. There were six teams and each had twenty people. The event that got the most claps was the relay race. Lorne's team won and had their names in the paper. We received red ribbons. It was lots of fun. Don't you wish you had been there?

WINTER FUN - by Kenneth Thompson

      In hockey we didn't play against other schools. Thirty two boys were divided into four teams. When I was playing I was on Bill Robb's team. I played left defence and centre. Billy came close to scoring, but he hit the post and went sliding to the side. Robbie Hutchins carried the puck down the rink like sixty but he tripped over a boy who had fallen down. You should have seen the boys playing!


ROOM 8 -GRADES 4 & 5 - Mr. Anderson

WHY I LIKE BEING A PATROL - by John Robinson

       I like being a patrol because we get a free show every month. We also get a Christmas party at the Paramount Theatre. In June there is a picnic at Nichol's Oval with hot-dogs and pop. All patrols go to the City Hall to get a pledge card. They also get their finger prints taken. One of my favourite duties is protecting little children from getting hurt.

MY PET, PETER - by Mary Head

My pet's name is Peter. He is blue, white and black and is very pretty. He will come on my head, shoulder or hand and kiss me too. He flies all over our kitchen. Sometimes Peter goes into the living-room. He flies into the bed-room and lights on the lamp, and looks into the mirror. Have you a pet bird?

MY GRANDMOTHER - by Margaret Dixon

       My grandmother has lived with me for a long time. She teaches me how to knit and other things. Sometimes she gives me money and chocolates. When I have nothing to do, I talk to her. I like my grandmother very much.

THE SQUIRREL - by Fred Record

    The squirrel is frisky and fast at his work. He walks along the wire and gathers nuts for the winter. Afterwards he buries them under the ground. As winter comes, the squirrel goes to sleep in a hole in a tree. When the squirrel wakes up and is hungry, he goes out to dig up some nuts. I like squirrels. Do you?

MY FISH - by Gordon Smith

I have a fish named Fanny. He is a very fat fish. When he tries to go through the tunnel, he often gets caught. Fanny and my brother's fish sometimes have a race. In some races Fanny wins and sometimes he doesn't win. Fanny was bought at Petland. Do you have a fat goldfish?

MY CAT - by Linda Hitchins

We have a cat whose name is Penny. Once I was playing with her and every time I straightened the mat she would mess it all up again. After a while we gave her an alley but it kept going under the piano. I think she is a very nice kitten.

IN THE HOSPITAL - by Sharon Cooper

When I went into the hospital the first time to get my tonsils out, I liked it very much. But when I went in the second time I was very sad. There was one thing I didn't like and that was the food. The cake was burnt and the chocolate milk tasted like coffee. When I went home the second time, I was very happy. Terry, my brother, was happy to have me home again.

WHEN I GO TO TORONTO - by Marlene Cruse

My mother and father are going to the U. S. A. Instead of Wayne and I going, Mother and Father are leaving us with my Grandma, in Toronto. My grandmother owns a beach and on one side there is a river and on the other side is Lake Ontario. Grandmother also owns a store, and she will let me get anything I want.

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