Armour Heights Clippings

1949 Civic Arena Park and Lake St
1950s Amour Heights Brownies Tweenies enrolled Examiner
1950s Armour Heights Track and Field results
1952 Aug 29 Armour Heights and Cameron Street to open Examiner photos
1952 Aug 29 Armour Heights and Cameron Street to open Examiner text
1952 May contract tender or new schools controversy
1952-1953 aprox overcrowded_schools
1954 Armour Heights hockey champs Examiner
1954 Peterborough student traffic guards some Armour Heights in Ottawa
1955 Armour Heights ball champs Examiner
1956 Armour Heights Grade 2-3 Miss Spence article Nov 1985
1956 Armour Heights Grade 2-3 Miss Spence photo 1985 Nov 5
1956 Armour Heights Mrs Gracie class pumpkin Oct 30 Examiner text
1956 Armour Heights Oct 24 Mrs Gracie class pumpkin Oct 30 Examiner photos
1956 Mar 6 safety sketch grade 1 Examiner
1957 Mar 27 Music Appreciation Maryll Stroud Bruce Cullen Carole Parnell Stuart Found
1959 June Armour Heights Picnic_Field Day Examiner Clipping
1960 June 15 Armour Heights Field Day Examiner Clipping fixed
1962 Fun Night Nov 24 Examiner darts
1962 Fun Night Nov 24 Examiner hoop game
1962 Fun Night Nov 24 Examiner Principal Bullock greets
1962 Fun Night Nov 24 Examiner story and thirsty
1962 Fun Night Nov 24 Examiner twisting dancers
1978 Armour Heights Grades 2 and 3 June 27 Examiner
1986 Apr 14 grades 7 and 8 perform On Broadway
1986 Feb 25 Jim Johnston Armour Heights head custodian retires
1986 Jan 21 VIP program starts
1986 Jan fire repairs and winter snow activities
1986 Mar 3 Sarah Delahaye junior kindergarten wears crown
1986 to 1989 43rd Kiwanis Music Festival results
1986 to 1989 appears to be AH staff
1986 to 1989 Asron Tilstra Megan McDonald Stephanie Perry in play James and the Giant Peach
1986 to 1989 band plays at TASS
1986 to 1989 Barry Miskimins AH soccer goaly
1986 to 1989 Billy Thompson skateboarding
1986 to 1989 Brian Bullied shoots basket with Kendra Lackey Nicholls Oval
1986 to 1989 Environment Minister congratulates for STAR recycling program
1986 to 1989 Examiner Steve Taylor high jumper
1986 to 1989 Heather Raymont Halloween story
1986 to 1989 Karl Kranc wins Lego contest
1986 to 1989 Laura Appleby weather report drawings
1986 to 1989 New Armour Heights Playground eqipment
1986 to 1989 Paul Wilson Dawn kent Wendy Richardson clean up poster winners
1986 to 1989 Peter Manlow peewee hockey
1986 to 1989 Peter Vankatwijk and Ray Johnson teacher science training
1986 to 1989 Valentine preparation Brenda Jonston teacher and students Grade 3
1987 Mar 14 band members Brent Miller and Noel Pilley listener Jamie Pearce
1988 Dec 10 pg1 Examiner 4 AH students take concerns to Peter Adams
1988 Environmental protest planned
1988 Greeenhouse activists praised in legislature
1988 Greenhouse activists launch crusade
1988 Peter Adams praise for Bruce Knapp and Armour Heights ozone control
1989 Angel Jackson with reply to balloon message
1989 Apr 6 Examiner Kids Page Drawings Stories and Poems
1989 Feb 2 pg 3 Examiner Greenhouse Effect Protest Planned by 4 Grade 8 pupils
1989 Feb 6 pg 3 Examiner protest march George Street
1989 Jan 12 pg1 Examiner Junior Choir performed more on page 3
1989 Jan 31 pg 3 Greenhouse Activists Michael Bartley Bill Thompson Aaron Goedhuis Jeff Skinner
1989 Mar 17 pg 14 Examiner ice thickness and safety Mike Rehilt Kristin Wilson Jeff Lucas
1989 May 13 Dave Chambers principal honoured for volunteer work
1989 May 20 penny drive for childrens centre
1989 May 25 Examiner pg 1 cheerleaders at track and field Trent U
1990 Mar 6 Legion public speaking winners
1990 Sept 7 Judy O'Toole Grade 2 reading to class
1995 Mar 3 Examiner AH students raise funds for Heart and Stroke
1996 Apr 2 Junior Public Speaking results
1996 Apr 23 Examiner beautiful babes
1996 Apr 30 Examiner Earth Week
1996 Apr 9 Public Speaking results
1996 Apr Earth Day
1996 April 28 Examiner Jacquelyn Craft Exposition day
1996 Dec 17 AH raises funds for United Way
1996 Dec 3 AH breakfast club
1996 Dec 31 This Week food drive Leanne Simmons Amanda Luagngray Morgan Anderson Craig Gear
1996 Examiner Ryan White Exposition of Learning
1996 June 11 AH News
1996 June 4 Examiner AH news
1996 Mar 11 Armour Heights Brainers
1996 Mar 19 AH grade 8 studies history This Week
1996 Mar 26 computer volunteer needed and lunch clubs
1996 Mar 9 Examiner science and history fair
1996 May Carolyn Burke and Pauline Edwards turn trash into art
1996 Oct 10 Examiner Lindzy-Lee Prins Marueen Pickett Scott McKenzie hepatitis immunization
1996 Oct 30 This Week food drive Leanne Kevin Dunford Josh Topping Amanda Penuta
1996 Sept 4 Examiner Chris McCarthy and Mike McCarthy lunch war
1997 Aug 14 Examiner John McLaughlan in play To Kill a Mockingbird
1997 Feb This Week Heart and Stroke funds Kelsey Swarup Danny Hunter Julie Metcalf Brody Donaldson
1997 May 26 Justin Mahal and Blake Hutchinsoon mathematics fair
1997 May Examiner The Tempest Amanda Leach Laura Anderson John McLauchlan Nathan Lynde Brenna Murphy
1997 Oct 22 This Week Nightmare on McFarlane Street
Bob Jamieson golf scholarship Examiner c1963
Charlie Sharpe 75th birthday milkman Examiner
Jennifer Dew Newspapers in Education Pizza This Week
Nicole Bailey Erin Northey Julie Bullock Samantha Bullock Riverview Park and Zoo Examiner
Oksana Losztyn and Alyssa Luckhurst in Snip Snap Snoop at First Night Peterborough
Paul Gear and Robert McGill skate on canal
Sandra Anderson and Morgan Anderson battling leukemia Examiner