Yearbook 1968 Armour Heights Public School (Seek Honour and Truth) - cover



































PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE - (with photo of AH from Armour Hill and photo of Mr. C. A. Bullock)

In this first attempt to produce a yearbook for Armour Heights School, I wish to commend all those people who have had a share in making this project a success. It should have proved to be a useful experience in your efforts to learn and grow.

As you look at this it will remind you of your associations and activities during the present school year. If the book is treasured, it should increase in value in your eyes as time passes.

It should be especially useful for those who are leaving our school to go on to some other area of endeavour.

As we read this book let us pause a moment to admire those pupils who have provided leadership in our school life by showing good character, by working well at their studies, or by doing their part in activities such as choirs, School Safety Patrol or sports. By doing so, they have earned our admiration and, more important, have set a fine example for others to follow.

(photos of staff and custodians without names)

(16 class photos without names)






Mr. Gilders, assisted by Mr. Madill, organized a girls floor hockey team. About thirty-five girls responded. We began practicing and then picked thirteen girls for the team. After the new rules we 'e learned we figured we were ready for the game against Queen Elizabeth. The girls who played were: Charlene White, Kim Banke, Nancy Hepburn, Ruth Hardwick, Cathy Woolridge, Linda Birkens, Cathy Flemons, Pam Abbot, Barb Convey, Donna Mc Cullough, Margo Downing? Ruth Clements and Debbie Greer. The score of the game was 15-2 in favour of Queen Elizabeth. Our second game was against Queen Mary. They won by a score of 15-3.










Gail Scott        Gail Scott        Gail Scott        Gail Scott

Sylvia Weir       Anne Banks        Linda Murphy      Anne Banks

Rhonda Quirt      Sylvia Weir       Debbie Starr      Sylvia Weir

Anne Banks        Debbie Starr      Barb Slatcher     Sherri Andrews




Debbie Greer      Dale  Dafoe       Dale Dafoe        Pam Abbott 

Dale Defoe        Debbie Greer      Janice Oakley     Dale Defoe

Pam Abbott        Cathy Cooney      Sue Taylor        Charlene White

Margo Downing     Kim banks         Kim Banks         Ruth Clements




Karen Symons      Nancy Hepburn     Nancy Hepburn     Karen Symons

Nancy Hepburn     Cathy Adams       Karen Symons      Nancy Hepburn

Janet Quirt       Karen Symons      Linda Greer       Kathy Flemors

Cathy Adams       Linda Greer       Sandra Simmons    Rhonda Kelly


(photos of Girls Tumbling Club, Girls Floor Hockey Team, Cheer Leaders)

(photos of Boys Football Team, Boys Soccer Team, Boys Tumbling Club)         




This year the team was very successful and finished first on the schedule but was put out on the finals by Queen Mary. The coach was Mr. Huffman and the captain was Gary Payne.


The players on this year's team were Gary Payne, Bob Fraser, Larry Oakley, Brian Patterson, Larry McBride, John Hughey, Paul Arnold, Gord MacPhail Peter Clark, Al Forbes, Howard Fisher, David Wanlucent, Tom Owen, Doug Fisher and Danny Sharp from the seven and eight classes.




This years soccer team was not very successful because they did not make the play-offs after finishing in last place. The coach was Mr. Gilders and the captain was Gary Payne.


The players on this years team were Larry Oakley, Brian Patterson, Lora MacPhail, Peter Clark, Gary Payne, John Hughey, Howard Fisher,

David Van Loosen, Tom Owen, Peter Simmons, Andy Caldwell, Bill Ainsowrth, Reg Eakins, Steve Pearson and Sandy Cladwell.






Kevin Murphy
Glen Eakins
Steven Stark
Gorden Lansmann



Howard Fisher
Doug Fisher


Jim Sciver
Jeff Toley

Steven Stark
Henry Lurk
Gorden Landsmann
Paul Earnshaw





Steven Stark
Kevin Murphy
Glen Eakins
Henry Lurk

Steve Winslow
Howard Fisher
David Van Loosen
Paul Cutmore

Glen Eakens
Steven Strak
Robert Lewis
Jim McCrossan

Howard Fisher
Al Forbes

Steve Winslow


Howard Fisher

Al Forbes

Dave Van Loosen

Greg Fontaine


Gary Payne
Tom Owen
Larry Oakly
Peter Hum

Gary Payne
Brian Patterson
Craig Jackson
Jim Delong
Reg Eakens

Gary Payne

Gard McPhail
Brian Patterson
Craig Jackson

Brian Patterson
Dale McCarrell

David Gray

Reg Eakins

Gary Payne

Roy Sargent
Gene Ball
Jim Delong






Every year the junior and senior tumblers put on a show for their parents. They work very hard and it is always worth their while.

This year it was on Mary 9th. It was a big success and had from front-ward rolls to harder stunts like sommer-salts in midair. Next year the show may have more people to watch it because of the new gym.


Mr. Gilders, assisted by Miss Huggins and Mr. Wadill, organized a tumbling club for the pupils of Armour heights, excepting the two lowest grades. The club consists of two main groups, juniors and seniors. Next year, the two most advanced members, Gary Payne and Pete Clark, won't be with the group. They have agreed to visit us occasionally and show some of the harder stunts which they will learn in high school.





They are: Patty Enborg, Robert Lewis, Gail Scott, Anne Banks, Moird Farr Fara MacLaggan, Sjerri Andrews, Sam Watson, Bobby Williams, David Bestard, Scott Osborn, Steve Demard, Duane Deline, Charley Fleetwood, Matty Montgomery, Philip Gardener, Wendy McCue, Brenda Suggit, Kim Mills, Tim McEwen, Andrew Knowles, Bobby Cahsen, Gorden Lansmen, Robert Dafoe, Rhonda Quirt, Barbara Ducharm, Denice Cooper, Babby Miller Sylvia Weir , Barb Slatcher, Susan Calderwood, and Paul Ernshaw.



They are: Gary Payne, Pete Clark, Pete Hum, Bob Powell, Dan Sharp, Jim Miller Robin Caldwell, Ken Demard, Ruth Hardwick, Cathy Cooney, Kim Banks, Janet Quirt, and Susan MacLaggan.


(photos of the Sting Class, Safety Patrol, Choir and Carol Toms, winner of the Public Speaking Contest)

(photo collage of many activities)








One day in the fall a hunter went through the forest to shoot some animals. He

walked and walked until he spotted some grouse. Slowly but quietly he crept up. Suddenly he shot and left the grouse lying on the ground. He must have felt proud that he had shot the bird. He plucked one of the birds feathers and put it in his hat to show he was a hunter. When spring came he was ready to hunt again. He walked until he came to a clearing. He saw a doe and a buck. When he was just about to shoot he noticed something. It was a new born fawn. He didn't have the heart to shoot. Then he took out the feather and put a flower in his hat to show he was a friend of the forest and not an enemy.


Moira Farr








"Mother, may I go out and play?"


"No you may not!"


"Then may I play guns in here?"


"No you may not!"


"Then may I go upstairs?"


"No you can't!"


"Boy, I can't do anything around here. I'm going to run away. I'll go as a cowboy and take with me my clothes, toys, some bread, butter, a pan, sleeping bag and good books. Oh, and I'll also take my dog!"


Bobby left the house the next morning at six o'clock to get an early start. He was scowling out as he marched off pulling his wagonful of supplies. He looked like a very unhappy cowboy. In three days he returned home. Since his parents had missed him greatly, he never heard "no" anymore.


Gordon Sargent








What is White?

White is my bed all shiney and bright,
I sleep like a queen in it every night.


What is blue?

I am blue when I'm bad,

And that makes me very sad.


What is black?

Black is the thunder in the night,
And it gives me quite a fright.


What is gold?

My little brother's hair is gold,
And he is only five years old.


What is gray?

The sky can be gray,
On a very rainy day.


What is green?

Green is the colour of the leaves,
That blow and rustle in the breeze.


What is brown?

My Father's bass is brown,

And when he practices his music,
We wish he would leave town.


Susan Calderwood








My kitten makes no noise at all,
Because she walks on tippy toes,
And that is why I have to say
Here little kitten every day.



David Bestard









"Hello!" I am a dollar bill, not an ordinary dollar bill because I went through different things from most dollar bills and here is my story.

I was born with a few of my friends, who are also dollar bills, in a little shack in the outskirts of Toronto. This seems strange of course because most bills are born in Ottawa.

One day my producer picked me up and shoved me into his pocket.

We walked for a while until we came to a store. Here, he pulled me out to buy a pack of cigarettes. I felt proud because this was my first job. To my amazement, the cashier didn't accept me and my producer picked me up and started to run, with two fellows dressed in blue following close behind. We managed to divert them and headed back to the shack.

When I told my friends, (the other bulls), they turned quite worried because they looked exactly like me. We sat and chatted until we came to a conclusion, "We were counterfeit."

The next few moments happened like lightning. We heard whistles blowing just as the door crashed open and five men in blue rushed in. They grabbed our producer and carried us away.

Now we sit and mourn as the fire blazes in front of us. My friends March in one by one, with me to come. I feel like a juvenile delinquent waiting to be punished. Death is too horrible when to think I could have helped so many poor people.



David Van Loosen







It was a very dark, cold and dreary evening. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing steadily. As I walked down the old deserted alley I noticed a huge grey mouldering wall all covered with vines. I had the loneliest feeling in me. Every time there was a gust of wind the dead leaves fell to the ground and circled about my feet. All through the old buildings the wind whistled. Off in the distance I heard the lonely cry of a cat. It made me feel as if I was in a ghost town on that cold, dark and dreary evening.


Rhonda Kelly








Fear is one of the greatest emotions, in our life. From the time we take our first step, right up to the time we begin our career, fear disturbs, and worries us. There were the times we had a restless night of sleep, because we dreamt of strange animals pursuing us, and of haunting spirits floating into the darkness of our unlighted rooms. When we grow up, and got over our childish dreams, the problem of exam papers, and the thought of venturing into the new world approached us. Then too, fear comes in other ways, such as the war, and the country you love being shattered to pieces. Yes, fear will follow us right up to the day we die, because it is part of our life.


Barbara Woodcock






Once upon a time, there were two kittens. The owner of the kittens name was Elisabeth. One day Elisabeth let the kittens out to play in the barn and they got all tangled up in the wool. Then Elisabeth came and untangled them.

Gloria McDonald




February is the month for fun,

To play in the snow, to play in the sun

February is the month for so much fun.

Susan Clysdale



A Parade

When I was watching the parade I saw a clown. His pants kept failing down. It was very funny. I also saw an ambulance and a steam engine that was saying choo-choo. It was fun.

Joey Todd




The pretty fowers, red, blue and white I love flowers,

They are so bright.

Patty Thompson






When Big John was only eight years old, he was not like all the other boys, he was big for his age, 300 feet tall and still growing.


Well, one day after breakfast Big John decided. to play hooky. He looked all over for a place to play around until school closed that afternoon.


Big John decided to go swimming, so he swam across the Atlantic a few times. Well, it seemed to John this was a might cold, so he went over to the Mediterranean to swim, this was just fine. He sat there a-soaking up the sun most of the afternoon.


All this time Big John was swimming in his clothes and it was getting pretty late, so he took them of to dry.


He laid his boats where Italy is today his shirt, pants and socks in the Sahara Desert.


While Big John was waiting, he heard the school bell ringing, it was time to-get-a-move-on.


In his haste John forgot one of his boots. To this day you can still see it there, it is now the country of Italy.


James h. Delong


(cartoons - one of Mr. Jackson's Volkswagon Beetle and the other about running in the halls)






The ultramarine coloured water swirled around us in little waves. The surfing slurping, colourful water, slashed and lapped on the sandy beach. The water seemed cool and refreshing against the warm, humid July afternoon. Out in the middle of the lake, the sea-blue water was as calm as a sleeping kitten. The suns' rays danced on the top of the colourful water, making glittering tints on top of the spray.


Barbara Woodcock






A man lay low by the waters edge,

He made his oath and he made his pledge;

Never again to seek for his wife;

But the next day bout noon, she was stabbed by a knife.


He swore on the bible it wasn't his fault,

The murder was done as a stabbing result.

His wife looked more peaceful than she'd been in years,
But he couldn't see much for the blur of his tears.


But in days to come as he surely would find;

A new girl would come and bring peace to his mind,
He buried his wife the very next day,

His heart full of sorrow and soul with dismay.


Karen Ross






It was far from the usual gay atmosphere of a Sunday morning that everyone awoke to. Even the weather seemed to suit the occasion and sense our very mood. Yes, it would be another long hard day of strain and weariness. I could see it in mothers face which looked pale and drawn; in fathers naturally gay face, was a disturbing uneasy look. The smallest member of the family, although hardly old enough, seemed also to sense the meaning of the situation and was moody and cranky.


It all had happened so suddenly! Things had started to look bad at the shop, where Dad worked. First, business was slack, then Dad suddenly had had a relapse of pneumonia and since he could not do his job in the hospital, what was the use of paying salary to hospitalized employees at a time like this. Dad was fired. Then my grandfather who had been boarding with us, turned on us, said he wasn't receiving good enough meals for the board. We kids were lucky to get a hot meal on Sundays, and he talks! My oldest brother, whom I had worried about, staying awake at nights, restlessly hoping against hope the fate which just had befallen him.... he was up in court for juvenile delinquency!


Just at the very time that a family in our shoes should stick together, ours fell apart. That precious family unity had died!


Sherry M.






The ring goes up.

The flag goes down

He dumps the clutch

And he leaves the ground.


He hits the traps

The double white lines

That is where

They clock the times.


The risks they take

In the cars they make

Trusting on the engines

To take them down the line.

Stan B.




Room 7



One student teacher when talking about Switzerland brought us Swiss cheese to taste. It smelled terrible but did not taste too bad.



What did the farmer serve his friends when he invited them to a rabbit dinner?

Carrots, lettuce and cabbage



What do ghosts eat for dinner? Spook-getti



Sue- Mom, may I have ten cents for a man who is crying outside.
Mom- What is he crying about?

Sue- Ice cream only ten cents.

Our very best singer, Bruce Bidon, moved to Belleville. We missed him.



What bird is always low in spirits? The bluebird.



Why should we never tell secrets in the stable? Horses carry tales.



Sally- Did anyone laugh when you fell on the ice.
Susan- No but the ice made some bad cracks.



Letters were received and letters were written to John Harvey and Ricky Nelson who left for a new school.


First dragon- Am I late for supper.
Second dragon- Yep, everyone's eaten.



What letters frighten a robber? I C U

Andrew Knowles missed Playday by having his tonsils out. Too bed, Andrew.

At Christmas our class put on two plays, The Sulky Brownies and Mother Goose's Christmas Dinner.



A very small boy arrived home from his first day at school to announce he was not going back. He said "I can't reed, can't write and they won't even let me talk, so what's the use."



When should a baker stop making doughnuts?

When he gets tired of the hole business.

Late in June the pupils of this grade are going to entertain their parents with two plays.




ROOM 6 Grade 2


When we went to Fairyland we had elide on the train and we had a Robin Hood hat. We had a drink of pop, something to eat and some candy that was sticky.


After we saw Santa we went to see the fairy queen and the rocky mountains.


Then we went to see Charlie Brown and then we went on the slide. We then went to see the boats. We went up Snoopy, the escalator to see a puppet show.


On the way to Fairyland Wayne got his finger caught in-the seat in the bus. On the street we sew some reindeer and a slide. Some people got sick on the way.


We sew the merry-go-round and you sew it too, did you not?  We saw kind old King of the North.

Steven McGrath




We do art every Wednesdey. We made pictures of us going to the Library. In the fall we made pictures of the leaves falling off the trees. We made pictures of us playing in the snow. We even made pictures of us helping our mother. We made hats with flowers on top of them. We made pictures of cats and we mixed colors together to make out cats. We made texture pictures. We have had fun.

Lynn Symour




We went to Adam Scott with Mrs. Johnson. We went on Saturday morning at 9:00. Six people went with Mrs. Johnson and six people went with Mrs. Clements. We had to wait to go on the stage because two men were talking for a long while. We did a little math. We measured bottles with water in them. At the last we did a paper, and we did not get our paper back. When it was time to go home we got a book for being good on the stage.


Linda Davis





- I, Grant Fines, bequeath my math notebook to the National Art Gallery.

- I, Tom Owen, my golf clubs to Arnold Palmer.

- I, Dave Van Loosen, bequeath my hockey equipment to Mr. Jackson.

- I, Debbie Carnrite, bequeath my brothers to Miss Chalk.
- I, Ellen Carpenter, bequeath my long hair to Mr. Jackson.

- I, Karen Kent, bequeath Claude (my dog) to Miss Chalk
- I, Barbara Cowey, bequeath my viola to Jack Benny!!

- I, Kathy Andrew, bequeath all my textbooks to some lucky grade sevener.
- I, Cathy Adam bequeath my paper flowers to the flower people.

- I, Ian McBride, bequeath thirty pounds to Harley Banks!!!

- I, Eugene Ball, bequeath my collection of stuffed animals to Kingston Institution.

- I, Peggy Brand, bequeath my collection of books to Howard Fisher.

- I, Frank Hilts, bequeath my hair to Debbie Murphy.
- I, Karen Dafoe, bequeath my glasses to Miss Chalk in case she loses hers.

- I, Kathy Felmons, bequeath John to the Chicago Black Hawks.

- I, Debbie Long, bequeath my school books to the next garbage collection, to keep the city clean.

- I, Carol Toms, bequeath Gerdie (my bike) to the Centennial Museum to sit beside the Penny Farthing.

- I, Carol Rouse, bequeath my violin lessons to anyone who wants them.

- I, Dave Gray, bequeath my records to Peter Pan.

- I, Howard Fisher, bequeath my collection of light classical records to Dave Gray.

- We, the grade eight class of Miss Chalk, 1968, leave our ghosts to the halls of Armour Heights School.


(cartoons - ARM OUR SCHOOL and Math Teacher)






DEBBIE SlMPSON was born in Peterborough on Dec 8. Her favourite singers are Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys. She can often be heard saying "You Ropey" and her favourite animals are horses. Her nickname is Cinder.


LAURIE NORTHCOTT was also born in Peterborough on Dec. 28. She loves saying "Love Thy Neighbour but don't get caught." Her favourite animals are rabbits, cats and racoons and her hobbie is boy watching. Her nickname is Gizz.


GAR PAYNE was born in Peterborough on Dec. 23. his favourite saying is "So, it breaks me up." He likes the Animals and his Pet Peve is Little Kids. His nickname is Gunk.


PALL ARNOLD was born in Peterborough on Sept 21. He is often heard saying, "Never fear for Ziffel is here" He says his favourtic animal is the four legged cat with fur and a tail and his pet peeves are small children and the Viet Cong His nickname of course is Ziffel.


JOHN HUGHEY was born in Peterborough on May 19. His favourite group is the Beach Boys and his pet peeve is some girls. His hobbie is girl watching. His nickname is "Chewy".


KAREN ROSS was born in Peterborough on Oct. 19. Her favourite food is steak and her favourite subject is P.T. One thing she hates is history. Her nickname is charp


LlNDA GREER was born in Peterborough on Jan 1. Her favourite food is french fries and her favourite subject is art. She dislikes question askers. Her nickname is "Giggles".


SUSAN McPhee was born in Peterborough on Nov. 10. Her favourite animals are puppies and rabbits. Her hobbies are reading and talking on the phone. Her sports are swimming and baseball. Her nickname is Lam.


BRENDA STEWART was born in Peterborough on Dec. 1. She can often be heard saying "Ever Sensational". Her favourite Animals are cats and her hobbies are skipping, sleeping and rock collecting. Her nickname is "Smily".


SUE SHARP was born in Calgary on May 9. Her favourite saying is "I'm Pigswigo the Purple Pup from Pluto". She likes all animals and her hobbies are hypnotism and day-dreaming. Her pet peeves are her brother, herself, and girls that can't keep secrets.


DALE DAFOE was born in Peterborough on Sept. 20. Her favourite subject is Geography and her pet peeve in school is Bob Downs. She likes to eat salt 'n vinegar' chips, apples and her mom's apple pie. Dale's favourite singers are Gord Lightfoot" and the "Overtime Upset". You will often hear her say, "It's just Super". her hobby is gardening and she enjoys swimming, baseball and skating for sports. Her ridiculous nickname is Go-Go.



CATHY DUCHARME was hatched in Peterborough on March 14. Her favourite foods are Chinese food which is fattening. Cathy's favourite saying is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". She likes cooking, but hates cruel, intolerant people. Her nickname is Satch.


PAULA McMASTER was created in Peterborough on the terrible date of April 7. This monster likes Chinese food and Wayne Newton. Her favourite subject is Science. She likes puppy dogs but hates her older sister's boyfriends. Her favourite saying is "Try anything once". Paula's hobbies are boys, boys, boys, and more boys. Her nickname is Micky.


GORD MACPHAIL was born in Peterborough on Oct. 20. He will eat almost anything but steak is his favourite food. His favourite singers are the Beach Boys and he loves dogs. Gord's hobbies are girl watching and all kinds of sports.


HARRY LEE was born in Peterborough on Jan 2. His favourite groups are Billy Jay Cramer and the Cowcills. His favourite animals are cats. For sports he likes swimming and he doesn't have a nickname.


PETE CLARK was born in Peterborough on March l8. His favourite saying is, "Do unto others for they do it onto you". His favourite animals are four legged horses. His hobbies include girls and all kinds of sports.


FRICKY HEILINGBRUNNER was bran in Peterborough on Feb 23. His favourite groups are the Beach Boys and Herman's Hermits. His pet peeves are Bob Down and studying. He can often be heard saying, "Does it give you a thrill?" His nickname is "Sniker".


DEAN ROLLWAGON was born in Peterborough. The Animals are is favourite group and the black fly is his favourite pet. His hobbies are Rocks and mineral collecting. His nickname is Dino.


PAUL CUTMORE was born in Peterborough on July 9. He likes the Beach Boys and his bobbies arc Organ and guitar playing. His pet peeve is people complaining about papers and his favourite subject is History.


DEBBIE MAUPHY was born in Peterborough on April 16. Her favourite group is the Beach Boys and she often says "Queer". Debbie's pet peeves are being teased by the boys who are her main interest. Her nickname is "Murph".


(cartoon showing Miss Adams Grade 4 class seating plan by Anne Bank and Bob Lewis)






We had a toy display. In our display we had vehicles. The vehicle table are boys things. Some vehicles have motors and some don't. Also we had old fashioned toys. Old fashion toys are from long ago. We also had a doll table. At the doll table we had all sorts of dolls like, dolls that talk, dolls that walk and dolls that do both. There were Japanese dolls and Chinese dolls and ordinary dolls and dolls that cry. Also there were toys from other lands, like toys from China and Japan and British Columbian toys. Also we had hand made toys. People carved hand-made toys. Also we had toys just for fun. Several children brought toys just for fun. Then when it was time to go home, all the children went back to their classes.

Gloria McDonald Room 3






Susan MacLaggan yells a lot,

Even when she's on the pot.

She rants and raves at the slightest thing,
But the thing she can really do Is sing.


Barry Gerolamy is his name,
Getting fatter is his aim.


Charlene White is really swell,

But boy, oh boy, can she yell.

Sometimes she is really rough

But around the boys, she is never tough.


Janice Stuart is so sweet,
She looks good enough to eat.


Cathy Friesen is her name,
Getting slim is her game.
Even though she is quite tall
She can really be a ball.


Mr. Huffman is quite nice,

ALMOST as nice as sugar and spice!!!


I know a boy who's name is McCack,
He's always eating Apple Jacks.

I think it's to keep the bullies away

For we bug him, day after day.


Danny Sharp is a real brain.
Oh no! Not in the 80's again!


Debbie Wildman is really swingin',
That's why she is always singin.
She has a voice just like a bird,
And is seldom never heard.


Barbara Woodcock is a teat,
That is why she is so sweet,
Barbara Woodcock likes Doug Fisher,

But he is to shy to kiss her!!!


Kim Banks is very goad at art,
While at math she is equally smart.

If she keeps playing baseball that way,
She'll be a professional some day.


Pamela Abbot came third in the race,
Without her glasses on her face.

Fun Page Grade 4 Room 13


Bob Anderson

Favourite Saying "0 I don't know"!

Favourite Complaint "I don't like homework!
Favourite "Pet " Birds ".


Teddy Armstrong

Favourite saying "You're mental

Favourite Complaint "I hate work."

Favourite Pet     "Mice."


Gale Bell

Favourite Saying "Oh, I don't know!"
Favourite Complaint "I don't like work! "
Favourite Pet     "Jimmy, my bird!"


Lloyd Brethour

Favourite Saying "Groovy! "

Favourite Complaint "I don't like Singing Period!" " 
Favourite Pet     "A horse-if I had one!"


Kenny Bye

Favourite Saying "Dry up!"

Favourite Complaint "Yeck! Cabbage!"

Favourite Pet     "Birds and Dogs."


Susan Calderwood

Favourite Saying "Oh sure!"

Favourite Complaint "John, will you stop bugging me!"

Favourite Pet     "A horse, if I had one or Would you

believe Paul Earnshaw? 


John Chun

Favourite Saying: "Oh, golly! A Kite!"

Favourite Complaint "I hate doing homework!"

Favourite Pet     "Lucky, my old dog!


Denice Cooper

Favourite Saying "Well, gee!"

Favourite Complaint "Spiders give me the shiver "

Favourite Pet     "Monkey"


Robert Dafoe

Favourite Saying "Blow up."

Favourite Complaint "I don't like doing homework!"

Favourite Pet     "Snoopy, my dog."


Barbara Davies

Favourite Saying "I doubt it!"

Favourite Complaint "I don't like homework!"
Favourite Pet     " Dog "


Barbara Ducharme

Favourite Saying  "Be quiet!"

Favourite Complaint "I hate liver, Mom!"
Favourite Pet     "A puppy!"




Fun Page Grade 4 Room 13


Paul Earnshaw

Favourite Saying " Be quiet! "

Favourite Complaint "I'm glad I'm not Mrs. Kemp's child!"
Favourite Pet     " A lizard!"


Tammy Evans

Favourite Saying "Why were meals ever invented?

Favourite Complaint "I'm for ever spilling drinks on my clothes."
Favourite Pet     "A Persian cat because they are so soft.."


Gordon Sargent

Favourite Saying " Oh be quiet!"

Favourite Complaint "I don't like to go to bed early."
Favourite Pet     "A puppy."


Barbara Slatcher

Favourite Saying "I'm afraid that's not quite right!"
Favourite Complaint "I can't stand mistakes!"

Favourite Pet     "Would you believe all animals?"


Gary Stephenson

Favourite Saying "Look at the big orange peel!"

Favourite Complaint "Do we have to eat carrots again?"

Favourite Pet     "A rattle snake - if I had one."



Chucky Symons

Favourite Saying "Ah, Phooey!"

Favourite Complaint "I don't like being bullied!"
Favourite Pet     " A bird


David Ward 

Favourite Saying "I doubt it!"

Favourite Complaint "Will you kids stop putting catsup on my food?"
Favourite Pet     " "A dog!"


Brian Watson

Favourite Saying " Brighten up!

Favourite Complaint "I don't want to be fat!"
Favourite Pet     "     A dog!"


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