Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1952-1953

Grade: Kindergarten

Teachers: Mrs. Rotchild and Miss Merrett

Names while attending the school
 Back (l to r) (some names are known) Sylvia Mason, Linda Parnell, ??, Marylin Johnston, Richard McConnel, Anne Hopcroft?, Elaine Pomeroy
3rd. (l to r) Brenda Buott, Marlene Howard, Nora Harris, Donna Graham, Sheila Payne, Marlene Cruse, Connie Harrison, Owen Nisbett, Patty Taylor, Donna Hart, Jane Adam, Ann Hopcroft, ??, Lana Asselstine, Cherry Norad
2nd. (l to r) Mary Bromley, ??, Danny Cocker, Susan Lomax, Bob West, Linda Asselstine, Darlene Gates, Mary Head, ??????, Mary Ann Goldsborough, Maureen MacDonald, Ron Suggitt, Judy Field
Front (l to r) Norman Casselman, Paul Lumsden, ??????, ??, Steve Arnold, Lorne Dineson, Don Salmon, Jim Thompson, ???, Ted Copperthwaite, ??, Ralph Andrus
Comments: Mrs. Rothchild and Miss Merrett are the teachers in this photo. The next year, Miss Merrett began teaching at Armour Heights and stayed for six years. She married Rev. Tom Gracie and now resides in Bowmanville.