Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1954-1955

Grades: 2&3

Teacher: Mrs. Hutchins

Names while attending the school
 Back (l to r)  Don Salmon, Brian Green, Eric Yokum, ??, Jane Adam, Donna Hartin, ??, Bill Hawks, Maureen McDonald, Mrs. Hutchins
 Middle (l to r)  Rick McConnol, Darlene Gates, Lorne Denison, ??, Mary Bromley, Nora Harris, Marlene Howard, Linda Munroe, Linda Henderson, Merike Madisso, Owen Nesbitt, Jim Vilneff, Sylvia Mason
Front (l to R)  Jimmy Thompson, Mary Ann Goldsborough, Ton Suggitt, ??, Margaret Dixon, Judy Field Judy Colling, Stephen Bedford, George Triggs, Cherry North Carol Parnel, ??
Comments: Mrs. Hutchins was Robbie Hutchins' mother. At this time, it was felt that parents should not teach their own children, so Robbie was placed in the class located across the hall for this year. It was a great tragedy for Robbie, and for Armour Heights, when his mother died suddenly, the result of a stroke, a few years after this photo.