Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1954-1955

Grades: 2 and 3

Teachers: Miss Spence

Names while attending the school
Back (l to r) Miss Spence, Alan Walsh, David Harding,Gordon Smith, Bob L????, Sharon Cooper, Sheila Payne, Sharon Price, Sharon S??????, Brenda Buott, Margaret Hardy, Katie Tobey, Doug Wells, Norman Downer
Middle (l to r) David ????, Hugh Banks, Bob West, Malcolm Innes, Ken Thompson, Gord Eakins, Fred Heslip, Paul Lumsden, Fred Shaw, Norman Casselman?, Bob Rodey?, David Hawks
Front (l to r) Sandra Markwhit?, Sharon Bush, Shirley Williams, Sharlene Hutchins, Sandra Casselman, Marlene Cruse, Marlene Johnson, Linda Hitchins, June Williamson, Colleen Crawford, Connie Harrison, Betty Humphries