Class Photo - King George Public School

Year: 1957-1958

Grade: 6

Teacher: Miss Dobbin

Names while attending the school
 back (l to r)  Doug Dixon, Dan Hopcroft, Don Robertson, Bill robb, Judy Brockley, Barrie McIvor, Merike Madison, Lorraine Pammett, Jim Thompson, Jerry Elliot, Ron Laing, Wayne Lucas, Robbie Hutchins
middle (l to r)  Sandra Bartley, Marylin Tinney, Mary Head, Melinda McGrath, Jane Adam, Elizabeth Cox, Darlene Gates, Margaret Paul, Carol Craig, Patsy O'Neil, Marlene Land, Miss Dobbin
front (l to r)  Danny Delong, Robbie Watson, Brian Green, David Smith, Eric Yokum, Gerald Harding, Bob Ainsworth


This class transfered from Armour Heights for one year, while the school was being enlarged. It was also an effort to avoid creating split grade classes.

Miss Dobbin was Don Delong's teacher as well - father of Danny Delong. Don Delong said that Miss Dobbin was frequently in tears, as Don was strapped almost daily by one of the male teachers. This was punishment for walking on the grass. Don sometimes pulled his hand away at the last moment, causing the male teacher to strike himself on the leg.