Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1963 - 1964

Grades: 8

Teachers: Mr. Bullock Mr. Peterson Mr. Jackson

Names while attending the school
Back (l to r) John McCracken, Larry Perks, Gary Williamson, Jim Thomas, David Hamilton, Kieth Andrews, Ted Cooney, Mike Wesenberg, Doug Hardy, Jim Dorset, Dave Titmarsh, Dennis Payne
 3rd (l to r) Mr. Bullock, Terry Cooper, May Lou Brand, Sandra Golloher, Linda Price, Brenda Greer, Margaret Stewart, Cathy Bestard, Drew Smith, Mr. Paterson, Mr. Jackson
 2nd (l to r) Anne Delong, Lynn Strickland, Alice Lee, Louise McDonald, Sharron Whitney, Shirley Valoise, Susan Downing, Margaret Brady, Rita Greenlaw, Linda McDonald
 Front (l to r)  Steve Huddart, Alfie Bowser, Steven Adams, Ted Hawks, David Adams, Dave McEwen
Comments: Here's Mr. Paterson's list of 23 auxiliary verbs which are permanently lodged in my head!! A brain worm for sure! He was my grade 7/8 teacher and is still going strong I hear. (contributed by Alice (Lee) Higginson)

is are was were am, has have had, do did does, be been being, will shall would should, might may can could and must!!!