Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1975-1976

Grade: 6

Teachers: Mr. Cole

Names while attending the school
Back (l to r) Arthur Blodgett, Fred Woods, Ian Twa, Michael Ruttle, Jeff Fransky, Terry Smith

Middle (l to r) Mr. Cole, Kim Hiles, Suzanne Smith, Scott Maclean, Terry Ducker, Krista Simmons, Vicky Huston, Bob Tippet, Bill Hudson, Glenda Would, Kevin Smith, Shelly Eastabrooke
Front (l to r)  Debbie Smith, Kerrie Hiles, Larry McTavish, Paul Starr, Jackie Stuart, Jackie Windbush, Rod Marshall, David Justice, Maggie Heintzman, Cindy Wiggins, Victor Lane, Danny Ellis