Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1979- 1980

Grades: 5 and 6

Teachers: Mr. Roger Cole

Names while attending the school
Back (l to r) Donna Smith, Joe Watson, Diane Morse, Robbie Baker, Colleen Currier, Heather Jones, Yolanda Meester, Tony Rusk, Greg Cannon
Centre (l to r) Jamie Pozyaz, Peter Clarke, Thelma Duncan, Denise Beaulne, Steven Andriulaitis, Ken Fisher, Scott McNabb, Richard Wiley, Scott Stickle, Dennis Perrault
Front (l to r) Tricia Carpenter, David Hay, Robin Martin, Shad Rathburn, Karen Wood, Martin Boruta, Christie Brown, Stacey Carew, Jennifer Mindle, Susan Holic