Notes Re: Previous Meetings
11 May 21, 2004 . . . We will be placing flat items on display boards, ready for movement into classrooms on Friday, May 28th. Another meeting is schedules for Monday, May 24th at 9:00 a.m. to continue this work.
10 May 19, 2004 . . . This is a working meeting. The aim is to organize all of the memorabilia and photos collected so far into decades and decide how to display.
9 May 8, 2004 . . . need to solicit more volunteers in case of work to rule (will need 30 volunteers to supervise movement and events in the school). . . ask George Elliott about sketch progress, ask Ed Arnold about Examiner coverage, name tag arrangements, display boards coming week of 21st., parking for handicapped and use of St. Lukes to be arranged, possible to borrow the diorama of Mr. Harrison's Chip Bus that was used for the PCVS Reunion - ask Doug and Bill Lockington, check further to see if Rob Watson and Bob Ainsworth will arrange period musical entertainment at the evening and/or day events.

Apr 28, 2004 . . . Principal Rowat and Mrs. S. Butcher (former student, then teacher) will be interviewed on the Mike Melnick show, May 14th, 8 a.m. . . First Decade Club now receiving confirmations and fees from respondents to Kawartha Golf and Country Club evening events . . . Second Decade setting booking space at Riley's for the evening . . .
Retired Teachers newsletter and web site will publicize ... blanket invitations to schools next week by courier . . . Examiner will feature but closer to the event . . . former TAS students and first decade students to be approached for live music . . . strategy in place for monitoring contact information for the those who give personal information wanting to be notified about who wishes to contact them . . . beginning to sort memorabilia . . .


Apr 14, 2004 . . . Principal Rowat to be interviewed on radio station, gym to be used for tea room and stage performances (bands, oratory, greetings, fashion show) , George Elliott to be given some photos to work from for his school sketch, more items for sales table (commemorative pins, pens, greeting cards, old yearbooks), rooms assigned for display boards, First Decade Club organizing buffet evening at Kawartha Golf and Country Club, still need other decade evening events, some volunteer forms have been returned by parents and local alumni, during April Earth Day neighbourhood clean-up students will drop off notices about the reunion

6 Apr 3, 2004 . . . ramping up of local advertising, weekly updates to newspaper, community bulletin on cable, Chex request; parent invitation and participation form sent home, discussion of methods allowing post reunion alumni contact while respecting privacy concerns; storage room discoveries revealed (some great finds); students likely presenting fashion show, plays, singing, reading - also discovering history of the area and interviewing alumni for publication; discussion of methods for distribution of documents requested by alumni; will proceed with George Elliott's offer to create a sketch of AH; Garth Choate has given permission to publish calls photos - need to contact Parks Studios for permission as well - and Jostins
5 Mar. 3, 2004 . . . furthered plans for student commemorative publication, commemorative lapel pins, tea room by band, games ideas, media awareness.
4 Feb. 21, 2004 . . . This meeting will be rescheduled. Agenda items will likely include the need for more volunteers to organize decade events both in the school and in the community, outlining of the day's events, strategies for advertising the events, and student involvement.
3 Feb. 7, 2004 . . . agenda includes event planning, CD or Video keepsake, student history activities, need for volunteers to organize decade events, plan a single sheet poster.
2 2nd. mtg. Jan 10, 2004. . .with Principal, School Council Treasurer, and three alumni volunteers.
1 Discussions with the Parents' Council and Principal, Mrs. G. Ernst- Rowat - 1st. mtg. Nov 4, 2003,



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