Class Photo - Armour Heights Public School

Years: 1961 or 1962

Grades: 5 or 6

Teacher: Mr. Willock

Names while attending the school
Top (l to r) David Hamilton, Betty Ephgrave, Charlotte ?, Gary Williamson, Ted Cooney, Marylou Brand
3rd Row  (l to r) Linda McDonald, ?, Carol ?, ?, Grant Hedges, Judy Starr, Keith Andrus, Peter (Harmsworth) Choate, Sharon Eaton, Louise McDonald, Margaret Harvey, Paul ?, Gregory Scott
2nd Row  (l to r) Gwen Janes, Jane McMullen, Alice Lee, Susan Mark, Margaret Grady, Rita Greenlaw, ?
Front (l to r) David Titmarsh, Alf Bowser, Drew Smith, David McEwen, Steven Homewood, Terry Cooper, Ted Hawks, Jimmy Debenham