Who Does What?

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As Reunion Day approaches, our volunteer base has grown such that we will be creating a large display of photos and documents. Staff and students have worked to create a comprehensive program of entertainment in the gym.

Bring along your own memorabilia to share with others.

Job List:

  • Act as a main contact for specific decades (so far Sandi Butcher and Darlene Davis for 1953-1963, Wanda Terefenko for 1963-1973)
  • Organize any special on-site or off-site events for specific decades, or all alumni. (picnics, neighbourhood walks, canal or lift lock tours, lunches, dinners)
  • Play your musical instrument (hoping for Rob Watson, Bob Ainsworth and Cyril Rawson)
  • Donate clothing for the period fashion show
  • Catalogue and care for memorabilia for each decade. (so far a small group of six)
  • Manage registrations. (students and parents assisting)
  • Meet and greet. (members of the organizing committee)
  • Mount displays for halls and rooms.
  • Make photographic poster blow-ups of some images. (Dan Delong)
  • Organize Refreshments on site.
  • ... more>> Make a suggestion!

If you wish to help in any way, contact: