The Guestbook, Contact Form, and Bulletin Board no longer function. Please use the - WORKING GUESTBOOK - on the Home Page. This old page remains in case functionality returns at some time in the future. The links on this page do not work!

1. The Guest Book is just one of the 4 ways to make yourself visible to the Armour Heights community.

This Guest Book list is not sorted, but new entries are listed first.

If you wish to add your comment to that of another visitor, click on the pencil and paper icon.

2. By submitting the "Reunion Contact Information Gathering Forms", visitors will be able to look up classmates by their maiden names, and sort the contact list by year.

Whether or not this information appears on the Web is entirely your choice.

Filling out the detailed form will permit only the reunion committee to have you home address and telephone number.

A basic Web Contacts form collects only:

  • names,
  • years and
  • e-mails.

View the List of Web Contacts

3. An alternative, for those wishing to leave longer messages that can be aimed at visitors from each particular generation, is the Discussion Forum. This is a place to leave fond recollections of your times at Armour Heights.

[Just click on the word, "Register". Fill in a few blanks, and you'll soon be conversing with your schoolmates.]

A guestbook is a page on the Web where you may leave your name and a short message, to be read by other, subsequent, visitors. You may also wish to provide further contact information, within your message, so that old friends can link with you directly.

You may use the guest book in two ways. Your choices are:

1. Add your name. 2. Look at the guest list.

This "Advanced Guestbook" permits you to leave your name, and optionally, your e-mail, and a photo. Your message is limited to a maximum of 1500 characters, but you may add to the guestbook many times.

If you decide to upload a photo, it cannot be bigger than 60kilobytes. So, it would be wise to prepare the photo ahead of time.

Unfortunately, this program cannot be configured to collect different information, unless you wish to add further contact details within your message/comment.

Add to the Guestbook now.

Below is a link to another form that may be more useful for searching and sorting visitors.

Reunion Contact Information Gathering Forms

Here you may view messages already created by others. You may also add your comment to that of an earlier visitor, by clicking on the pencil and paper icon.

Notice that "name" and "your message" are the only required fill-ins.

The page will look something like this:

View the Guestbook now.


Remember, the Armour Heights Discussion Forums is a better place to leaver longer messages or completed short stories. You may return to the forums and edit your content at any time.