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Official Opening - October 1953 - NOW CELEBRATING FIFTY+ YEARS OF LEARNING

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First Teaching Staff
 Armour Heights First Teaching Staff 1953 and 1954
Reunion News

<< Check latest in list (left) for photos and stories collected during this very special day.

Four members from the original teaching staff attended the Reunion. More >>

Did you attend PCVS, after graduating from Armour Heights? If so, you may find e-mail addresses for your classmates at the PCVS Alumni Site.


 Armour Heights on the WEB:

Armour Heights puts energy into educating bystanders Monday January 20, 2003 Michelle Strutzenberger
When three grade eight students at Armour Heights Public School saw a student at the centre of a bully ring recently.
More >>

Bank manager says questions of integrity will be relevant throughout life
Wednesday May 14, 2003 Roderick Benns
A Peterborough bank manager says the ability to draw upon integrity is something that a student will use throughout his or her life. More >>

A number of prizes were awarded by the Clean Again, Green Again school campaign to local schools for their contribution to Earth Day 2003 ... More >>

Mr. Adams: "The greenhouse effect on our climate has received a great deal of attention. This follows a major conference in Toronto, a TVOntario documentary, and grass-roots interest in places such as Peterborough, where city and county council, private citizens, and students from Armour Heights school, among others, have expressed concern."
More >>

Armour Heights printable PDF reunion poster

Here is the original advertisement poster!


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Armor Heights badge 50s

1950s badge

Peterborough artist, George Elliott, has created this 4x6 inch 50th Reunion ink and watercolour drawing. Only twenty framed and matted copies are available at the reunion, for$40 each.


Black and white note cards of the above drawing will also be available.

Purposes of This Site:

  • to place some contact information on this web site. (This will help you to arrange meeting times and allow messages amongst those who cannot be at the reunion in person.)
  • to make available a reunion itinerary and a job list of volunteers - i.e.; "Who is Doing What".
  • to display some of the history of Armour Heights, along with current events. [e.g.; HAPPS 1954 Year Book, HAPPs 1956 Yearbook, 1969 Yearbook, Shining Armour 1993 Grad Book 1994, Grad Book 1996]
  • to provide on-line, web conferences in which students, parents and teachers may leave messages and memories to share with other visitors to this site.
  • to seek digital media for this web site and for the production of a computer CD, video or booklet consisting of past and present memorabilia- i.e.; photos, clippings, history, recordings.
  • to find members of the community who can relate their past experiences to the students of today. (Contact the Reunion Committee or the School.)

The Reunion was Saturday, May 29, 2004


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